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What is Lemon8? Everything You Need To Know About This Zesty New App

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Are you searching for a new platform to showcase your creativity, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore uncharted opportunities? Look no further than Lemon8. What is Lemon8, you ask?

It’s a buzzy new social media platform designed with content Creators in mind. But it’s more than just another social media site. In fact, Lemon8 is a dynamic space that empowers users to express themselves creatively and engage with an active community.

Have we piqued your interest? Then read on for everything you need to know about using Lemon8 as a content Creator.

What is Lemon8? It’s Juicy Start

Lemon8 is a lifestyle-based app that allows users to share photos and videos curated within different categories. 

The social media app was launched in 2020 by ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, and by March 2022, it hit one million downloads. Lemon8 became available to U.S. and U.K. users in February 2023, and a month later, became one of the most downloaded apps in U.S. app stores. 

Even though Lemon8 is a relatively new app, it has already gained popularity. According to Apptopia, Lemon8 has had “around 16 million downloads since its launch.” Additionally, as of August 2023, Lemon8 ranks number 10 on Apple’s Top Charts in the Lifestyle category.

What is Lemon8: What Sets It Apart From the Competition

What is Lemon8 offering to set itself apart from other platforms? Here’s what makes it unique.

Lemon8’s interface combines the visuals of Instagram and Pinterest, with clusters of photo and video tiles relevant to a specific topic. Like Instagram, Lemon8 allows users to tag their posts with specific product details and links. And like Pinterest, it’s a visual discovery platform where users can find new products, trends, and inspiration. 

Users can explore a diverse range of topics, from art and technology to travel and culinary arts, all while connecting with like-minded individuals globally, making it an excellent platform for Creators to develop a niche audience.

What truly sets Lemon8 apart is its curated content streams, which are meticulously tailored to individual preferences using a dynamic AI algorithm. This algorithm analyzes users’ interactions, interests, and preferences, ensuring that the content displayed is relevant and engaging. 

Lemon8 uses this information to create a personalized feed for each user. So even if two users follow the same people, their “For You” pages will differ. 

Personalization is one of the main reasons why users love Lemon8, as they know they’ll always see content catered to their preferences.

What is Lemon8's For You page like?

How to Use Lemon8: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use Lemon8. This handy guide will help you create and showcase your content on the platform.

What is Lemon8’s Sign-Up Procedure?

What is Lemon8’s sign-up process? We’re happy to report it’s simple. As of now, you can only sign up for Lemon8 when you download the app. After the app downloads, signing up is easy. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign up with an email and password
  2. Select your interests
  3. Confirm your email
  4. Confirm your account

Don’t forget to fill out your bio and add a profile picture, which are essential tools for potential followers to find you and get a sense of your content. Also, make sure to pick a lifestyle photo that’ll resonate with your current followers and attract new ones.

How to Browse Content on Lemon8

There isn’t just one option for viewing Lemon8’s content, but you can start with the “For You” page. 

Lemon8’s “For You” page is the first thing you will see when you log into the app. Remember those interests you chose when you signed up? Your interests help determine the personalized content recommendations on the general “For You” page. It shows you a personalized feed of content from users that you follow, and users that Lemon8 thinks you might be interested in. 

You can switch from the “For You” page to the “Following” page at the top of the app. This contains content from Creators you follow. You can also browse through categories or the explore page and utilize the search function for specific keywords or hashtags. 

The “For You” page is helpful for content Creators as it’s a wonderful source of inspiration, especially if you are stuck in a rut and looking for a spark of creativity. Since Lemon8 is a newer platform, users are trying out more experimental ideas, resulting in unique content that you can’t find on other social platforms. So Creators can use the platform’s “For You” page to source new content ideas, and challenge themselves to try new content formats.

What is Lemon8’s Post Creation Process?

What is Lemon8’s process for posting content? Here are the six easy steps. 

  1. Open up the Lemon8 app and log into your account.
  2. Tap on the yellow highlighted “+” icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Choose the content you want to post. You can post photos, videos, or live photos.
  4. Edit your content. Lemon8 allows you to edit features such as templates, retouching, text, and stickers.
  5. Add a title and caption to your post. 
  6. Tap on the “Post” button. 

Lastly, always double-check your Lemon8 profile to ensure you posted successfully. If you don’t see your post right away, give it a minute or two and refresh. 

A screenshot of a Charleston travel guide on Lemon8

Lemon8’s Key Features for Content Creators

Let’s dive into the platform’s best features for Creators. 

  • Curated content. Lemon8 carefully curates its content into different categories like fashion, beauty, food, wellness, and travel. The platform’s algorithm identifies and categorizes your content for you based on titles, captions, hashtags, etc.  
  • Powerful editing tools. Lemon8 offers several powerful editing tools that allow Creators to enhance their content, like photo templates to make your photos look editorial. These templates include built-in text boxes, filters, etc. Also, users can cut elements out of their photos and alter the background.  
  • Transparent analytics. Analytics tools are arguably the most crucial implement in a content Creator’s toolbox. While Lemon8 has no separate user analytics page, you can see exactly how your posts perform, along with your follower count and how many users like, save, and view your content. 
  • Shopping-friendly features. Lemon8’s photo gallery and text layover is ideal for fashion Creators. Text overlays depict item specifics, including brand, style name, color, etc. In the caption, users can add item-specific links or shoppable links. Additionally, users can add shoppable links to their profile.

How to Get Followers on Lemon8: Squeeze the Most Out of the Platform

Aside from wondering, what is Lemon8, you might ask yourself how to get more followers on Lemon8? Here are a few ways to grow your Lemon8 following:

  • Use relevant keywords: Yes, keywords aren’t just for blog content and Google! Putting a relevant keyword in your cover photo, headline, and caption helps your content get discovered by the right audience on Lemon8, increasing your organic reach and follower potential. 
  • Tell a story: Of course, quality content is key on every social media platform. But Lemon8 lets you amp up that content by telling a full story. Start with a “hook” that grabs your audience’s attention, and bring them along for a journey. Ensure your post has a gratifying ending that provides them with education, entertainment, or a strong takeaway.
  • Optimize your content: Make the most of the platform by creating aesthetically pleasing posts with text overlays, utilizing relevant hashtags, crafting engaging captions, and adding a location tag. 
  • Use CTA’s: If you want to build a like-minded community for collaboration, create a post and ask your audience to engage and follow you. It may feel salesy to some, but you can always remind your audience that their support helps you create more content for them to enjoy. 
  • Build a community: Lemon8 was built to allow users to engage with like-minded people, so find a niche that’s relevant to your interests, and create a community around it. Engage with other Creators and accounts in that niche, share content from other users and your audience, ask for feedback and ideas, and create conversations around important topics in that niche. 

If you’re looking for a social media platform focused on lifestyle content, Lemon8 is an excellent option.

How to get more followers on Lemon8 by posting beauty content

Final Thoughts: What is Lemon8 and How Creators Can Use the Platform to Their Advantage

Now that we’ve answered your question—what is Lemon8: are you ready to join this new, buzzy social platform? With its clean and minimalist interface, various content formats, powerful editing tools, and intuitive analytics, Lemon8 is a natural fit for Creators who are passionate about lifestyle content.

If you’re a content Creator looking for a new platform to share your work, Lemon8 is easy to use, and can help you reach a wider audience to build deeper relationships with your followers. But remember, building a following on any social media platform takes time. Just keep creating great content and engaging with other users—your following will grow.

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