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TapTo.Shop: The Link-In-Bio Game Changer

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If you’ve been searching for a comprehensive, link-in-bio solution that lets you monetize your content on-the-go, look no further than TapTo.Shop by Collective Voice!

TapTo.Shop is a new mobile-first tool within the Collective Voice’s platform that empowers Creators to easily promote and earn through any channel, from TikTok to Instagram and beyond. Quickly create a customized shop while generating commissionable links.

Our TapTo.Shop Creator tool is part of our commitment to make Collective Voice the premier Creator affiliate network that meets the needs of Content Creators of all levels.

Sign up now and gain access to our all-in-one content creation tools, making monetization easier than ever!

Why it’s the Link-In-Bio Game Changer

  • No blog? No problem. TapTo.Shop provides social media Creators with a dedicated space for followers to explore
  • Inspire your audience to shop and discover more with one link quickly
  • Increase your earnings with auto-generated Collective Voice affiliate links to your favorite products  
  • Quick setup and easy on-the-go management
  • Link to your social media accounts seamlessly

Use TapTo.Shop Anywhere!

  • Access TapTo.Shop on mobile (iOS version 6.4, Android version 2.4) or on the web from the Collective Voice mobile app and site
I love the tool most because it helps me organize my social feed in a strategic manner that translates to seamless shopping and discovery experience for my audience. For example, my posts now feed through Tapto.Shop, so if anyone wants to shop what’s featured in my post they just click my link in a bio and they can find exactly what they need.
Collective Voice Creator

Increase Earnings and Performance 

  • Maximize your earnings right from your social media bios
  • Promote your priority content in one place: affiliate links, blog posts, and more
  • Access your TapTo.Shop analytics and insights anytime, anywhere
  • Optimize TapTo.Shop content in real-time

Customize Your Shop Experience 

  • Add Lists, Collections, Looks, Links, and URLs
  • Personalize your shop’s layout
  • Edit your shop and refresh any module from your app or desktop
  • Pin your most important sections to the top, making it easy for your followers to shop your most recent content