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5 Best Practices for Optimizing Paid Boosting Campaigns

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By Rosario Calva

Paid boosting is an essential strategy for maximizing the results of your Creator campaigns. Finding the right strategy with a low cost per acquisition can require some trial and error, but luckily, Collective Voice has done the legwork.

These are five tried-and-true strategies we’ve developed to amplify clients’ paid boosting efforts, enhance their ROI, and level up their Creator campaigns.

1. Diversify Your Creative

Diversifying your creative by having different placements, types of content, and messaging is key for optimal performance. Diversification allows you to tap into different platforms, audiences, formats, and interests. 

Your target audience might have different platform preferences, or different reasons for wanting to buy your product. They may be swayed by different types of content or messaging. Instead of constraining your placements in a single piece of content—like one static Instagram image—having a variety of placements of different types, sizes, and styles of creatives will help the system deliver the right asset to the right person. 

Here are a few best practices for diversification:

  • Have a mix of product and lifestyle content
  • Produce creative in multiple dimensions to optimize different placements
  • Have video clips in multiple lengths for different platforms and formats
  • Work with a diverse cast of Creators that appeal to different demographics, interests, and shopping habits

2. Include a Benefit and Call-To-Action

Clearly outlining the benefits of the promoted product or service provides consumers with compelling reasons to engage with the content and consider making a purchase. Include a call-to-action that’s clear, front-loaded in the content, represented visually, and reinforced on the video script.

Additionally, incorporating a clear call to action prompts immediate action from the audience, increasing your conversion rates and enhancing your boosting results.

3. Give Creators Paid Content Parameters

Creators are great at producing organic content; yet, the type of content that performs well for paid boosting is often different from the type of content that performs well organically. Many Creators may not know what performs well for paid boosting, and some may not even know that’s a campaign requirement.

To ensure that your paid media teams have plenty of optimal content to work with, ensure your Creator management team is connecting with the paid media team early in the campaign process. A great paid media team can discuss the goals of campaigns and their needs for paid assets. And then, these requirements and needs should be communicated to Creators early, so they can provide a range of content that’s ideal for both the organic and paid parts of the campaign. 

A few examples of what to communicate to Creators include:

  • Formats and dimensions for their paid content
  • Messaging to include (like those aforementioned benefits and calls-to-action)
  • Type of imagery or video that performs best for paid media
Creator campaign paid boosting best practices for Marketers

4. Leverage New Technologies & AI

Paid Media is constantly changing and evolving, and savvy Marketers are taking advantage of these technological changes, especially the AI solutions and campaign offerings from paid media channels.

To make the most of these new systems, work with a team that’s up-to-date on the latest technology and knows how to work with these systems. It’s important to plan ahead, yet be flexible enough to pivot based on the data you receive throughout the campaign to achieve better results.

5. Use This Campaign Boosting Checklist

Use this handy checklist to ensure you’re getting the content you need depending on the objective of your campaign. 

  • Set clear objectives with your paid media team
  • Communicate early with Creators, and give them your expectations for messaging, CTAs, and creative requirements  
  • Ensure your pieces of content come in multiple sizes and dimensions to cover all potential placements and social channels 
  • Use a mix of static images and video creative
  • Have content rights clearly laid out with Creators and know how long you can use each piece of content 
  • Cast a range of Creators who create different types of content and have diverse audiences
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