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Why You Should Add Paid Boosting to Your Creator Campaigns

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For brands and Marketers looking for strategic tactics to enhance their Creator campaigns in an increasingly competitive industry, it’s time to consider paid boosting.

Paid boosting involves allocating a budget to promote and amplify Creator content through paid advertising on social media platforms, ensuring it reaches a larger and more targeted audience. And importantly, it’s a strategy that helps Marketers accomplish a myriad of marketing goals. 

Below, Rosario Calva, Collective Voice’s internal paid marketing expert, uses her deep industry knowledge and data-driven insights to lay out the key reasons why paid boosting will maximize your Creator campaigns.

1. The benefits of paid boosting extend beyond reach.

The most obvious benefit of paid boosting is that it increases impressions and reach of Creator content in a campaign. 

However, the benefits of paid boosting don’t stop there. In fact, this increased reach simply opens the door to a huge list of other potential benefits, including:

  • Building brand awareness and recognition
  • Increasing conversions from sales, click-throughs, and more
  • Increasing brand loyalty through relatable, authentic Creator content
  • Leveraging existing engagement from organic posts, and creating transferable engagement
  • Creating mutually beneficial relationships with Creators that provides them with more exposure

2. Creator content gets better engagement than brand-generated content.

Posting organic brand-generated content and creating paid ads are just one part of a holistic marketing plan, and adding paid boosting of Creator-generated content can help you amplify those efforts to better reach your various marketing goals!

Creator-generated content sees eight times the engagement compared to brand-directed content because it is tailor-made for social media. For many users, Creator content feels more authentic, relatable, and aspirational than the brand ads they’ve become accustomed to. And compared to brand-directed content, it’s scalable, high value, and high performing.

By including Creator content in paid campaigns you will be tapping into a new audience that is highly interested in and influenced by Creator content, exponentially increasing your performance and your result rate.


Creator-generated content sees eight times the engagement compared to brand-directed content.

3. Technological innovations are driving efficacy.

As technology evolves, paid boosting is becoming more accurate and even more effective.

Specifically, algorithms are using AI and Machine Learning signals to devise your precise, target audience. AI is becoming the main component of a healthy paid media campaign, and it’s allowing the systems to optimize for the content that’ll perform best for the diversity of your audience.

So even if you’ve never run a paid boosting campaign before, you can still take advantage of these technological innovations for a more efficient and effective campaign.

4. A paid boosting partner can help you maximize your Creator campaigns.

When adding paid boosting to your Creator campaigns, it’s important to work with a partner that knows the space well, as these campaigns come with unique challenges and nuances that require a deep understanding of the ever-evolving Creator landscape. 

At Collective Voice, we use our paid boosting expertise, along with our deep knowledge of the Creator Marketing industry, to maximize all aspects of brand campaigns. Here are a few benefits of working with a partner like Collective Voice:

  • Leverage partner insights and testing for improved strategizing and execution of Creator-led paid campaigns.
  • Ease the burden of managing and optimizing paid media campaigns on your own team.
  • Benefit from allocating your paid media budgets to Creator content, diversifying your paid media tactics.
  • Receive expert guidance to adopt your own full-funnel approach, incorporating paid media to enhance your overall Creator strategy.

Ready to start implementing paid boosting in your Creator campaigns? Collective Voice is a Creator Marketing agency that does it all. With smart strategy, guidance, and a full suite of offerings, we create holistic solutions tailored to your marketing objectives. Sign up to learn more about what we can do for your brand.