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Niche Creators are On The Rise. Here’s Why.

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The mainstream perception of a Creator is often someone with millions of followers, who posts about lifestyle-related topics like style or wellness. But with the introduction of new social media platforms and content types, the definition of a “Creator” continues to expand. 

Whether it’s a comedian posting skits and impressions to private chefs posting “a day in my life” videos, ultra-niche content is everywhere

Unlike Creators who post about a variety of general topics, niche Creators zoom in on a particular subject that resonates with them deeply. This focus allows them to position themselves as experts in their chosen field, catering to a specific audience with a shared passion, like reviewing rare books, exploring vintage fashion, or delving into a particular subgenre of music. 

In the past, follower count may have reigned supreme. But these days, niche Creators with smaller, more engaged followings are reshaping the world of Creator Marketing. Here’s why these Creators are more important than ever right now.

The fuel: new social media platforms and formats

The emergence of new social media platforms and innovative content formats has sparked a renaissance in niche content on social media. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, Lemon8, and other short-form video platforms have led to the emergence of entirely new content genres and social media superstars. 

Short-form video content, with its bite-sized nature, encourages niche Creators to convey a quick message with a juicy hook in order to captivate an audience’s attention. To adapt, content has become more educational and entertaining, veering away from the aspirational static images that once dominated Instagram. 

Voiceovers allow Creators to speak more directly to their audience about a particular topic, and many have embraced more conversational tones that show off their personalities and make them more relatable to their audience. 

For instance, local food bloggers are using short-form video formats to capture their dining experiences, showcasing a restaurant’s ambiance and their favorite dishes, and giving a quick review in a voice-over.

Platforms’ algorithms are designed to promote content that keeps users engaged, aligning perfectly with this niche content model. As users engage with niche content, the algorithms recognize this interest and push more similar content onto their feeds. This creates a positive feedback loop, enabling niche Creators to reach their target audience more effectively than ever before.

In essence, these new platforms and content formats provide an outlet for Creators to showcase their passions, knowledge, and skills in an authentic and relatable manner.

These days, authenticity is king

Audiences are tired of heavily filtered images and overly polished content and instead want to know how Creators solve their real, every day problems.

Niche Creators are capitalizing on this growing trend by producing content that is often unfiltered, raw, and free from the constraints of overproduction. Many niche Creators have found success by posting off-the-cuff videos that share their challenges, tap into their unique sense of humor, and explore topics that were traditionally taboo. In fact, there’s a whole niche dedicated to poking fun at cringe-worthy movie stereotypes!

Because niche Creators possess an authentic enthusiasm for their subject matter, they thrive by remaining true to themselves and their chosen subject. This authenticity creates a genuine bond with their followers who, in turn, become emotionally invested in their success.

Redefining influence: It’s not just about numbers

Traditionally, influence was measured by follower counts in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. However, the emergence of niche Creators has challenged this notion. These Creators may have follower counts ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands. 

While these numbers might seem modest, their high engagement demonstrates their deep audience connection. Their authenticity fosters genuine interactions, a sense of relatability, and trust. And since niche Creators have a unique ability to connect deeply with their audience, their dedicated, enthusiastic communities are more invested in their content. These audiences are hungry for a Creator’s next video, and may be passionate about the Creator’s product recommendations.

Additionally, smaller, more niche Creators have the luxury of time to respond to comments, messages, and even form personal relationships with their followers. This personal touch humanizes their brand, making their content relatable and trustworthy.

How To Niche Down: A Step-by-Step Guide
If you’re not sure how to find your niche, or want to get even more specialized within your field, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you niche down.

Strap in, because niche Creators aren’t going anywhere

The rise of niche Creators was one of The Drum’s biggest social media predictions for 2023, and it’s clear that they’re only gaining more prominence.

As social media becomes more saturated, and audience attention becomes harder to come by, focusing on smaller audiences with specific interests continues to be a powerful way to target the right audience. For both Creators and Marketers, tapping into the power of niche Creators can be a game-changer. As a Creator, embracing authenticity and cultivating a niche can help you connect deeply with your audience. Remember, it’s not about the numbers, but about the impact you have on those who genuinely care about your content.

Marketers can benefit from partnering with niche Creators to amplify their brand message. The intimate relationship these Creators have with their followers can lead to higher engagement rates and a more receptive audience. Authentic product reviews, unboxing experiences, and personal endorsements from such Creators hold immense sway over their community’s buying decisions.

So, whether you’re a Creator looking to discover a more targeted audience or a Marketer aiming to tap into the authenticity wave, the niche Creator phenomenon is a force that can’t be ignored.

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