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How To Create Solution-Driven Content That Drives Better Engagement

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There’s a simple approach that can help you create your most engaging, effective content.

Solve your audience’s problems.

Solution-oriented content delivers real value for your audience, positioning you as a trusted resource with all the answers. That sense of trust builds an authentic relationship with your audience over time, encouraging them to keep coming back to you and your helpful content.

Here’s a guide to connecting with your audience and solving their problems to supercharge your engagement.

1. Get to really know your audience to understand their problems

Learning about your audience’s biggest problems provides valuable insight into what content resonates with them and why.

Let’s say you’re speaking to busy parents who are juggling house chores, work, and child care. Posting about 5-minute healthy meals or ways to make bath time fun solves an IRL need for them. It’s the type of content that they’ll save and watch again, which deepens your connection and drives more engagement.

To gain a deeper understanding of your audience, here are a few tips:

  • Practice active listening on social: Social listening involves checking popular hashtags, trending videos, Google trends, and scanning comments on your account and other Creators’ accounts. By picking up on repeated themes, keywords, or questions, you’ll gain a clear idea of what audiences are searching for and what problems they’re looking to solve.
  • Have a two-way conversation with your audience: Asking your audience directly about their problems allows them to feel heard. Crowdsource feedback or frustrations by adding questions to your captions and utilizing interactive features like polls and quizzes. Replying to comments is also a great way to spark conversion. Try starting a deep conversation by asking them to expand on their comment, or asking for their opinion. 
  • Focus on your most engaged followers: The handles that consistently engage with your content through comments, sharing your posts, and sending you direct messages are the ones you should pay the most attention to. What they’re posting will clue you in on who they are and how you can create content that adds value to their lives.

2. Create digestible content That Always Provides Value

Once you’ve identified your audience’s main issues, start creating solution-driven content in easily digestible formats.

With more content and platforms than ever, audiences are seeking out shorter, more bite-sized content. According to author and digital media expert, Neil Patel, “audiences are in constant need of new content that’s worth their time,” and that translates to short form “educational content” that solves the audience’s problems. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels are ideal for providing solutions in an efficient, entertaining way, like a quick recipe idea or a 3-minute makeup routine.

One Creator doing problem-solving content particularly well is Cassey Ho, an inspiring, talented business leader and savvy Content Creator. The videos she creates for Popflex, her activewear line, detail her process for coming up with new products, and how each function perfectly solves her fitness-loving audience’s problems. Squat-proof, sweat-wicking, big pockets—every design element is so wonderfully thought out. The way she speaks to her audience, directly addressing many problems consumers face when buying activewear, presents concrete solutions while building connections.

3. Build long-term engagement that drive sales

Creating content that encourages “saves” and “shares” is a crucial part of a healthy engagement strategy, particularly due to Instagram’s de-prioritization of “likes.” Experts agree that the content people save and share the most on Instagram are lists, guides, tips, hacks, tutorials, and templates. These formats are specifically designed to provide expertise, education, and practical solutions. By sharing problem-solving content, you will create deeper content engagement, which leads to exposure to new audiences.

Problem-solving is particularly effective for driving affiliate sales. In fact, a significant 49% of consumers say they rely on influencer recommendations. Problem-solving and educational content boosts consumers’ likelihood to purchase their products by an impressive 131%, leading brands to embrace this content format. 

By focusing on solving your audience’s problems, you can create content that performs well with evolving social platforms, captures coveted engagement, and builds an authentic connection with your audience.