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5 Easy, Engaging Instagram Story Ideas You Can Turn Into A Weekly Series

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For Creators, Instagram Stories are a key part of a holistic content strategy; posting consistently feeds the algorithm, keeps audiences engaged, encourages them to click link stickers to shoppable products, and grows your following. More viewers on Stories translates to more affiliate sales and more potential brand campaigns

Many Creators have found that some of their most successful and engaging Stories—the ones that keep us tapping through slide after slide—are the ones that ask for audience participation. “Quizzes, questions, and polls are great for engagement,” explains social media coach Brittany Worthington. “They get your audience involved and will invite people to respond to you, which allows you to get even closer with your audience.” 

In fact, Stories featuring polls, quizzes, and questions are consistently rated by audiences to be among their favorite story formats, and experts agree that they’re some of the best methods to boost story engagement! 

Why is this so effective? Well, let’s be honest—who doesn’t love to share their opinion? And your followers will be excited to see you adopt their suggestions in real time. So here are five fun, highly engaging Instagram Stories ideas utilizing polls, quizzes, and questions that you can execute every week:

1. “Pick My Look.”

Create a weekly series where you pick one event happening that week—a work meeting, a dinner, a shopping trip—and ask your audience to help you pick your outfit. Show them the outfits you’re considering and use polls or quizzes to help you choose a winner. Show them the chosen outfit, and why you chose to wear it (or controversially, why you chose not to wear it).

You can also build an outfit in real time; give your audience items to choose from, and ask for help choosing your top, your shoes, your bag, or another piece. A fun addition? Show screenshots of their comments or responses throughout the process to make them feel even more included.

If beauty is more of your “thing,” do the same thing, but with a makeup look. You can even use the “question” feature to answer questions they have about your makeup products and technique. 

2. “Let’s go shopping!”

Go to your favorite store, showcase the items you’re shopping for, and post photos to your Stories. Then, ask your audience which pieces you should buy, and which ones are a definite “pass.” 

Think about how to make your IRL shopping experience fun, different, or humorous; you might post a photo of a new throw pillow you’re considering and ask them if the pattern will perfectly match your couch or if it’s a bit too “coastal grandma.”

And don’t forget to ask them the all-important question of why they like the items or not.

3. “Add to my wishlist!”

Give your audience the opportunity to share their favorite product discoveries, and they will run with it.

For example, ask for non-stick pans recommendations, then share screenshots of the suggestions with links (preferably, commissionable linkswink wink) to buy those items, along with a quote from the recommender.  

You can also show your audience a weekly wishlist of items, and ask them what they like, what they’ve tried, or if they have any better suggestions. For example: “I’m thinking of buying this red lipstick, but it’s $50! Does anyone have it, and love it? If not, do you have a red lipstick you love for under $25? I need to know!”

4. “Ask Me Anything.”

Regular “Ask Me Anything” sessions are such an easy way to get real-time feedback on what content your audience is loving. AMAs also help foster a personal connection with your viewers.

Consider what you might be able to give advice on; you could set up a weekly cooking themed AMA where you solve your audience’s biggest kitchen conundrums, or give advice on beauty, relationships, social media, time management, health, and other topics. 

This can also be an opportunity for your audience to ask you the burning personal questions they’ve always wanted to know.

5. “Audience Advice Time.”

Flip the script and ask them for advice using a “question” sticker! The advice doesn’t have to be for you—instead, think of yourself as the vessel to showcase your audience’s experiences to each other. 

Each week, identify a theme and ask your audience for their thoughts; it could be as simple and fun as their best tips for getting a good night’s sleep, or something as deep and personal as how they’ve dealt with a conflict with a close friend.

Post the responses, and include polls and quizzes asking other audience members if they plan to try this advice or if they’ve gone through something similar. 

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