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The Social Britify’s Best Tips for Making Viral Instagram Content

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One of the best ways to supercharge your Instagram strategy as a Creator? Connecting with other Creators and learning about their well-tested formulas for gaining followers, increasing reach, and fostering engagement. 

Since we’re all about amplifying voices, we spoke to Brittany Worthington, a social media manager and Instagram coach who, in her own words, “became obsessed with optimizing, refining, and figuring out how to one-up the [social media] algorithms!” 

Her growth tips are always so clear, precise, and helpful, so we asked her six questions about how Creators can amp up their Instagram content and go viral.

If you were just starting out as a Creator, what would be your first step to crafting a winning Instagram strategy?

I would start by refining exactly what my goals are with Instagram, determining which content styles are going to help me get there, and finding out as much as possible about my audience (their goals, dreams, struggles, and pain points). 

Using the unique information only you know to be true about your audience and combining it with your own personal style and flavor is a winning combo.

Establishing your specific position in the market, refining your own brand tone and voice and always staying intentional and goal-oriented with every piece of content you share is most important.

What are three specific things Creators can start doing today to grow their Instagram following?

  1. Make sure you’re utilizing every feature to improve visibility and get in front of your audience as much as possible. Don’t leave it in the algorithm’s hands—take responsibility and own your content. 
  2. Pre-promote your upcoming post by bringing up the topic on Stories prior, start a Broadcast Channel, and schedule Lives in advance.
  3. Collaborate with others to get in front of new eyes.

What are a few content ideas or formats that Creators can use over and over again that always work?

  1. Share a polarizing opinion on something that opposes the more common thought, approach, technique, or style.
  2. Share bite-sized tips or tricks that give your audience a quick-win. 
  3. Share your own (or your client’s/customer’s) transformational journey and explain what helped you (or them) get from point A to point B.

What’s holding most Creators back from making successful or viral content?

Posting it! 

So many Creators sit on their content, overthink it, and then it ends up getting wasted in their drafts. Yet, you learn by posting—find out what works, what doesn’t, and continue to experiment and workshop to find your own formula for success.

Most people haven’t taken the time to get to know their audience or create a strategic messaging strategy. This prevents them from cutting through the noise, standing out, and starting real conversations with their audience to build a memorable, impactful online presence.

If you’re not seeing results or progress, it’s important to analyze what is not working and pivot your strategy accordingly. It is a constant revision process to keep up with the trends, market conversations, and audience needs.

What’s an easy way to find out what kind of content your audience wants to see, and how do you bring that content to life?

Talk to them! You can start with polls and quizzes to find out more about what it is they want to see. But you can take the next step and get on market research calls. Once I started doing this, my marketing strategy went to the next level and my content took off!

Take the time to research your competitors too, and find out what’s working for them and what they are doing well. Look for the common threads and incorporate this into your strategy too.

Who has a great social media strategy that other Creators can emulate?

Alex Hormozi, aka, @hormozi really knows what he’s doing on Instagram.

He knows his audience so deeply and how to create content that strikes a chord with them instantly. Plus, he’s super engaging to watch and listen to. He shares a lot about his life and creates polarizing content that doesn’t blend in with his competitors. 

This is the key to success and he has it nailed!

Learn more about Brittany Worthington by following @thesocialbritify.