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How To Earn More During The 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is an affiliate-savvy Creator’s Super Bowl. From July 11th-August 6th, Nordstrom’s impressive discounts on top-selling items give Creators a once-a-year opportunity to drive sales and earn huge commissions.

Here’s our guide to key sale dates, content strategy, and using Collective Voice tools to streamline your content creation and bring in those affiliate dollars.

The time to start prepping is now!

2023 nordstrom Anniversary Sale Countdown


Key Dates & Top Sales-Driving Days

Before we dive into best practices, start adding the below Key Dates to your calendar so you can plan your content accordingly!

Nordy Club members get advanced access to the sale, which means that the most loyal, elite Nordstrom customers are shopping earlier. According to the Top Sales-Driving Days of 2022, the biggest days are the first two days of sale access.

How to Earn More With Your Content Strategy

Looking to boost your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale gains? By giving yourself time to plan a cohesive content strategy, you can drive traffic and sales across all your content channels.

  1. Start early: The Nordstrom Sale may span multiple weeks, but the biggest sales days are the first two days of sale access. Getting a head start will help you maximize your earning potential.
  2. Get to know your audience: Before the sale begins, make a list of the topics your audience cares about, and which products and categories they’re more likely to purchase. For example, if you create recipes, your audience may be looking for great deals on kitchen goods. Spend some time in your social media and affiliate analytics and consider categories they shop, brands they love, and their preferred price point to guide your linking strategy. You can use your Instagram Stories to ask questions and get feedback on what they’re looking to buy this year!
  3. Diversify your content: Blogs are still valuable platforms for posting your affiliate content and driving sales. But diversifying beyond your blog will help you repurpose your content to a broader audience. Lean into your strongest social media platforms, come up with a messaging strategy for each, and create a schedule that helps you maximize your reach and engagement.
  4. Tease your discoveries: Remember tip #1? To get a head start on the competition, start posting about the sale before it goes live, teasing your favorite products, your shopping guides, and your best tips. This will help build excitement and anticipation.
  5. Give your audience a shopping strategy: Posting about your favorite discoveries is a great first step. To go further, tell them why they should be shopping those items, and how to best use their time and money during the sale. Maybe they’ll get the best deals if they shop early. Or maybe, this the best time to buy that designer bag they’ve been eyeing. By giving them secret tips and best practices, they’ll feel like they’re getting the inside scoop.

How to earn more this year With Collective Tools

If you’re already a Collective Voice Creator, here’s a quick refresher on how to use our tools to access valuable insights, discover trending products, and make linking a breeze.

If you’re not yet signed up for Collective Voice and want to get in on the Nordstrom Sale action, sign up here!

Analyze what’s worked before

Check your analytics from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 (7/6/22 – 8/1/22) to see what products, categories and brands got the most clicks and sales, then add the top performers to your content strategy for this year.

Check out our exclusive predictions report

Download our exclusive predictions report, which uses Collective insights to predict what will be trending this year. 

Make LinkIt your best friend

Install the LinkIt Chrome Extension on desktop and make sure you have the Collective Voice app downloaded so you can create links on-the-go (available for Android and iOS). 

Consider categories and top products

In the Collective Voice app, go to “Discover” and “Products,” filter by “Nordstrom,” and sort by “Most Popular,” to see which products and categories are trending.

Take advantage of Lists

As you browse for items to share from Nordstrom, save your top picks with lists, then easily refer back to them when the posting frenzy begins.

Create your TapTo.Shop

With our link-in-bio solution, you can create a dedicated Nordstrom section, pin it to the top, then share your TapTo.Shop URL for all of your followers to shop through easily.

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