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February Collective Academy: Monetization Checklist

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For February’s Collective Academy, we’re sharing a quick checklist to make sure you’re maximizing earnings. 

Monetization Checklist

  • Check your analytics tab to see your current and past  top performing brands, retailers, categories and products
    • Incorporate those top performers into your content across your blog and social media channels
  • Download the LinkIt app for quick content creation on the go. Download here for iOS and here for Android
  • Make sure all your content is original (made by you) and shoppable 
  • Add a link in your Instagram bio so your followers can shop your latest content 
  • Include trending keywords and phrases in blog headers and content to boost the SEO of your posts. Checkout these helpful tips on how to get more pageviews on your blog.
  • Include a call-to-action in every social post to guide your audience on what action they should take. It can be as simple as adding “Swipe up to shop my look” on your Instagram Story!
  • Bookmark our High Commission Retailers blog post for reference. (Advanced Members only)
    • Create a ‘How to Shop My Blog’ post for your blog. Don’t forget to add it to  your Instagram Stories highlights, too!
  • Add a Shop My Instagram’ Page to your blog which allows your audience to shop all of your Looks in one place.

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