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Secrets to a Great Website for More Revenue & Pageviews

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As a blogger, you want to make sure you’re maximizing all the great content you’re putting out there and the work you’re putting into your business. Making sure your website is set up to maximize these two things from the homepage to blog posts is super important. These are some of our best tips to increase pageviews, grow your traffic and earn more affiliate revenue.

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On Your Homepage

For More Pageviews

The main goal for your homepage should focus on being user friendly. From easily finding categories in the menu navigation. These categories should reflect your content so the reader knows exactly what topics you cover and browse accordingly.

Every blog post on your homepage should have the following. A featured image that is large, and high quality. Try to steer clear of collage images and instead choose stock images, or create your own high quality content. Enticing blog post titles encourage readers to click. And all items on a homepage from titles, images and excerpts should be clickable.

Keep in mind readers read from left to right so your best and most recent content should fall in the top left corner. If you have a sidebar, make sure it’s always on the right hand side.

For More Revenue

There are a few ways to make sure your homepage works for you when it comes to affiliate income.  For blog posts on the homepage, insert a shop the post widget in the post excerpts. You can also include a dedicated shop section on your homepage of recent finds or seasonal favorites. We like to STAR this widget in our Collective Voice dashboard to easily update in seconds.

Lastly, add a SHOP section to your navigation with a dropdown to specific shop pages you may have. Create a dedicated IG Story shop page, or an Instagram page with the Looks & Collections tool.

In Your Blog Post

For More Pageviews

Write content that’s helpful and that people are searching for in Google. If your blog post isn’t answering a question, or offering tips or advice, ask yourself if it’s really a blog post you need to be spending time on. Get SEO on your side by offering helpful blog posts so you can drive more traffic to your website.  This not only helps with pageviews, but will also increase revenue as you can attract organic search traffic from people who are primed to shop for that specific topic, tutorial or review that you’re writing about.

When writing blog posts, include internal links to other blog posts that organically fit into the content you’re writing. Internally linking keeps readers on your blog which is good for SEO for various reasons. And lastly, you’ll want to make sure your website has a related posts section at the bottom of blog posts. This helps to get readers into similar content that they may enjoy.

For More Revenue

Going back to the pageviews, writing blog posts that are helpful reviews, tutorials or comparisons will help drive more organic search traffic from readers who are primed to purchase. This will result in more revenue over time as Google searches may land on your site more often.

When writing blog posts, include more than one product widget as well as hyperlinked affiliate links (also called text links) throughout your post. Oftentimes we see just a “shop the post” at the very bottom of blog posts. But it’s important to capture the reader at the very start of your post as well. Include a product widget with similar product, or a roundup of items that you’re discussing for additional affiliate linking opportunities. Aim to include at least two product widgets per blog post to maximize your potential revenue earnings.

A little tip, include Favorites on your Product Widgets! This adds a “Get Sale Alert” button feature for your audience and will send an email when the item goes on sale with your affiliate link. You’ll earn whether the item is shopped immediately or through your Favorite at a later date. 

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