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The Ultimate Guide To Wayfair’s Way Day 2024 Sale

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Is your home ready for a spring refresh? And is your content ready for a serious sales boost?

Then get ready for Way Day 2024! Way Day is Wayfair’s big bi-annual sale, and a huge sales opportunity for Creators focused on home decor, design, and lifestyle content. 

Way Day is one of the most important affiliate sales periods for Creators, making it the perfect time to share design projects, your latest home refresh, and your favorite seasonal decor.

What You Need To Know About Way Day 2024

Taking place in the spring and fall, Way Day features thousands of deals on home decor, furniture, and more. 

Lasting just a few short days, the sale takes place from May 4th-6th, with sales of up to 80% off plus free shipping on everything!

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The Biggest Spring Home Trends To Share For Way Day 2024

Maximize your sales potential by sharing content about this season’s most popular home trends. From fruity motifs to bold colors and patterns, more is more for spring 2024. 

1. All Natural: Real Plants, Florals, and Fruit

Home enthusiasts are embracing nature by filling their homes with live plants and full-bodied floral arrangements. Show your audience how to add some color to their home with fruit themes (including real fruit trees), or give it a natural feel with plenty of leafy greenery. 

2. Vintage Styles

What is old is new again, and shoppers are shying away from more modern styles for antique-looking pieces. Give your audience tips for how to incorporate vintage-style furniture into their modern homes, or how to get a retro look with a spring decor refresh.

3. Bold Patterns

Shoppers are expressing themselves and aren’t afraid to experiment with bold, bright patterns. Give your audience ideas for how to spruce up a simple room with a few patterned pieces, or how to mix prints without clashing.  

4. Maximalism 2.0

The days of minimalist everything are over, and maximalism is making a comeback. Show your audience how to flip their plain dwellings into fun, exciting spaces using bright colors, bold prints, unique designs, and daring shapes.

5. Energized Pastels

While pastels bring to mind calming beach house blues and soft sunset pinks, this season is breathing new life into pastels with more upbeat, punchy hues. Create sample pastel color palettes for your audience, and share your favorite pastel-hued products from Wayfair. 

6. Dramatic Lighting

Go beyond function with lighting that makes a design statement. Give your audience tips for how to upgrade their spaces with dramatic lighting fixtures.

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These Products Will Be On Everyone’s Way Day Wishlists

From the bestselling Way Day products of all time to this year’s hottest new additions, we’re predicting that these are the products audiences will be coveting. Get in on the big shopping trends by linking to these products.

Last Year’s Bestsellers:

Viral TikTok Products:

Content Strategy & Best Practices

Incorporate these strategies and best practices into your content to catapult your sales to new heights.

  • Check what worked: Check out your top performing home items in Analytics, to see what products and categories are motivating your audience to shop.
  • Prep your Lists: As you browse for home items to share with your audience, save your top picks with Lists, so you can easily refer back to them. Plus, use Lists to seamlessly create your shoppable content (using Looks, Widgets, and TapTo.Shop)!
  • Create links on-the-go: Download our mobile app for easy link and content creation. Once you have the app downloaded, use our Share Extension to create links and add products to Lists, even while browsing through a retailer’s mobile webpage.
  • Drive shoppers to your favorite color: Select the specific product color or shade that you want to drive your audience to, so your shoppers know exactly which one you’re loving. Try it out now!
  • Link directly to Wayfair’s app: Taking your followers to a retailer’s in-app shopping experience can help you get more sales! When your mobile shoppers click your Wayfair links in any of your shoppable content tools, they’ll be driven to the specific product page on the Wayfair app with Collective Voice’s app-to-app linking functionality.
  • Create a TapTo.Shop: Create a TapTo.Shop to conveniently house all your Wayfair links, and add a dedicated Way Day section. Don’t forget to share your TapTo.Shop link on all your platforms for shoppers to easily discover & shop through.