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Industry Voices: Lissette Calveiro

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This is our series called “Industry Voices,” where we interview social media experts and Creator Marketing insiders to learn more about industry trends and updates, their marketing best practices, and gain actionable insights for crafting smart strategy.

We spoke to Lissette Calveiro, an influencer coach and social media marketing consultant to Fortune 500 brands. Her company, Influence with Impact, teaches Creators how to build their businesses through online tools, 1:1 coaching sessions, workshops, and more.

What’s something you wish every Marketer knew about social media right now?

Social media is changing every day, but what doesn’t change drastically is consumer behavior. 

We spend too much time trying to figure out “how” to use this new feature or that, and at the end of the day you just have to think like a human—like a consumer. 

The basics don’t change: they want to make themselves, their needs or aspirations “seen” in pieces of content. Be it video, photos, audio, short-form, long-form—you have a few seconds to convince someone that it is about them and then deliver the message in whatever way the content format you’re using requires.

Similarly, what’s one thing every Creator should know about brand campaigns?

By the time a brand reaches out to you, it’s because they saw something in you that they wanted. They’ve gone through rounds of casting where the team has approved and rejected Creators they want to potentially work with. 

That means that you have a lot more leverage than you think, and you have the power to ask for more if that feels aligned to you. A lot of Creators are afraid to “push back” on brands, whether that is asking questions before fully committing to a campaign, setting boundaries on how they want to participate, or establishing rates. Don’t be afraid to have those conversations with openness, and you’ll be in a great spot.

How do you stay ahead of fast-moving social media trends without losing focus on your current goals and objectives?

I always come back to my purpose and community. I really have desensitized myself to “numbers” because so much of it is out of your control and fluctuates daily. 

I judge my success by how consistently I can show up with intention and clarity on my mission, and the kinds of conversations I’m having with people in my community. 

So whether I get 1,000 views or 100,000, I continue to stay motivated by how my community is responding to everything.

What’s your biggest social media/marketing prediction for this year? 

It’s the Lo-fi year. What I mean is that more brands and Creators are going to be creating what we might consider “low production” content, such as photos from your phone of little moments, speaking to camera videos in selfie mode, simple edits and transitions, and more just in-the-moment realistic content. 

I’ve seen a lot of Creators moving in this direction to help them deal with the burnout that highly produced content can create, and I’ve seen brands move in this direction because they want to look more relatable. 

I think if this style is natural and authentic to you, definitely take advantage. It’s such a great way to work smarter, not harder.

Which Creators are really nailing their content and social strategy right now?

  • @feedthemalik: Anela’s storytelling is so unique and captivating. The way she makes videos is not what the gurus of today might consider “trendy,” but she still gets thousands—and sometimes hundreds of thousands—of views and reactions from her community because the way she keeps viewers watching is truly a skill that she has mastered. I also really admire that she is purpose-forward in what she creates, and the impact she makes for Black-owned businesses in sharing their stories with the world.
  • @byaimeekelly: Aimee has truly carved a space for herself in the fashion and lifestyle space by creating fun, quick, creative transitions with her content. Her consistency in showing up as her bold and colorful self is something that I admire and her community rallies around.
  • @taybeepboop: Tay is one of my favorite accounts to binge! I am obsessed with her colorful DIYs, but what I think really sets her apart right now is how “real” she is when she narrates her life and projects. She doesn’t sugarcoat things into an aspirational lifestyle, she shares her raw highs and lows. I relate to her journey a lot and I feel less alone every time.

Which social platform is your favorite right now and why?

I am addicted to consuming TikTok, but creating for Instagram. 

The TikTok FYP is truly unmatched in how specific it targets my lifestyle. Sometimes it’s even a bit creepy how I’ll have a single thought or text conversation with a friend, and then I get a relatable video about it, which causes this spiral of wanting to consume more. 

However, I love that Instagram—especially Stories—allows me to connect more with my community, so I spend a lot of time creating for that platform and talking to people who are there to connect with me.

What are the top tools that you can’t live without as a Marketer? 

  • My project management tool to make sure all tasks and projects are moving along.
  • The Teleprompter app: My secret gem to be able to create great videos with ease. I also have taken advantage of AI scripting tools whenever I’m having writer’s block. And I can use this app from my phone or on a formal teleprompter device.

What is your biggest source of inspiration? 

I am really inspired by female peers and entrepreneurs, in particular Latinas whose stories resonate with mine. 

Seeing other women before me achieve things I didn’t know were possible for me truly pushes me to take action.

What does the word “authenticity” mean to you?

Authenticity to me means showing up with full confidence in your story and in alignment to your values. 

It’s not so much about simply showing a balance of good and bad, which is what I think a lot of us think of, it’s just about finding the comfort in where you came from and where you’re going, and doing what feels natural to you. 

If money were no object and you could move to any city in the world for as long as you wanted, where would you go? 

Anywhere in Italy! I am obsessed with the culture, food, the sights, and people. Probably somewhere up north like Tuscany as I can’t escape the mountain-scape.

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