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How to Make the Most of Instagram Right Now

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With the prioritization of video and algorithm changes, there has been a lot of buzz about Instagram lately. Read on for the latest tips and tricks on using these updates to your favor.  

Give Reels a Try

Think: Instagram’s answer to theTiktok takeover. Not only is Instagram heavily prioritizing video in the algoirthm, but they rolled out a new feature in July –  Reels Templates – to make Reel creation a whole lot easier.

With Reels Templates, you can easily recreate a Reel by adding and trimming your video clips to the format of an existing reel. When you drop your photos and videos into a Template, Instagram will automatically sync with the chosen audio and adjust clip lengths so they’re timed just right.

To get started, tap the camera icon at the top-right of your screen, then select Templates. Learn more about Reels Templates here.

Keep Up Your Link-in-Bio

The link-in-bio is still the only permanent way to link to shoppable content on Instagram. Even if your followers’ feeds look different, they can still visit your profile to shop your content. Continue to promote your link-in-bio with call-to-actions (CTAs) like “Shop this look in my link in bio” wherever possible. 

Lean Into Instagram Stories

Stories aren’t going anywhere. In fact, last spring, Instagram made Link Stickers available to everyone. Take advantage of this earning opportunity by adding at least 3 shoppable link stickers (with Collective Voice affiliate links) to your stories per day. 

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Give your content (and your hard work!) a longer lifespan by adding it to Story Highlights. This allows your followers to continue shopping your stories even after they expire. Read more about link stickers here.

Encourage Saves

As Instagram continues to experiment with removing and hiding likes, shift your attention towards Saves – a valuable feature for engagement. Asking your followers to save your posts not only brings them back to your content later on, but it actually contributes to your algorithm. 

The more Saves you get, the more likely you’ll show up in your followers’ feeds. To view your Saves, tap “Insights” from your profile, then “Content You Shared.” Select “Saves” from the drop-down menu. 

Stay Authentic

In the wise words of Meta, “your followers are more likely to engage with a post that feels personal rather than something that’s over produced or obviously not created by you.” We agree! Posting high-quality original content will always give you an edge when it comes to Instagram engagement.