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How to Make the Most of Instagram’s Link Stickers

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If you’re not already using Instagram’s Link Stickers, it’s time to start. Instagram rolled out Link Stickers to everyone earlier this year, and the tool is one of the easiest ways to monetize Instagram. Here are some ways you should be taking advantage. 

What are link stickers, again?

Link Stickers are an interactive button you can add to your Instagram Stories through the Instagram App. They feature a link icon and copy of your choosing. If your follower taps the sticker, they see the Link pop-up and can visit the page from Instagram. 

Why are link stickers important?

Two words: Affiliate links! You can add Collective Voice affiliate links to your link stickers. This means you can earn money for the clicks you drive (Standard program) or sales you drive (Advanced program) from those links. Aside from the Instagram link-in-bio, Link Stickers are the only other place to add links on the Instagram App. 

always add affiliate links

Be sure to add your Collective Voice affiliate link to every link sticker you create. This is how you’ll earn for your content – and track performance in your analytics (for more strategic content creation!) Download our new Collective Voice app to easily create affiliate links from your mobile device and paste them into Stories. 

build your portfolio

In addition to earning money for your content, adding affiliate links will help build your linking portfolio for both brands and Collective Voice. This allows us to track the content you’re creating and you’ll build a stronger case to be cast in campaigns. We recommend adding at least 3 link stickers to your Story every day. 

Create Instagram story highlights

So you’ve created great Instagram Story content with Link Stickers, but they expired after 24 hours. Give your content (and your hard work!) a longer lifespan by adding it to Story Highlights. This allows your followers to continue shopping your IG Stories even after they expire.

You can organize by category (outfits, beauty picks, favorites) or even create a ‘Links’ Highlight that houses all your stories with affiliate links. Make sure to add your top performing stories or products to highlights.