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How to Increase Blog Pageviews and Earnings

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Can you believe it? The holiday selling season is practically here. By optimizing your blog now, you can position yourself for even more success once the shopping actually kicks off (Here’s what we suggest.) 

How to maximize views on your homepage

  • Make the page easy to navigate. Include a menu, content categories, and dropdowns so your followers can browse without issue. 
  • Feature clear, beautiful imagery. Make sure all visuals are original (created by you!), aesthetically on-brand, and always high-quality. And avoid collages on your homepage––they can be busy for the eyes. 
  • Grab attention. Use enticing, descriptive headers to grab your readers’ attention and encourage them to click and engage. 
  • Keep it mobile-friendly. Optimize your homepage for all devices to ensure readers have a positive experience on mobile. 
  • Routinely audit your blog. Every few months, check to ensure everything is working properly––links included.

how to earn more through your homepage

  • Place your most engaging content above the fold. The more visible a top-performing piece, the more likely it is to get clicks (and earnings.)
  • Create a streamlined experience. Even the most minimal moment of confusion can cost you. Give your readers a clean, intuitive experience, and the clicks––and revenue––will follow.  
  • Add a ‘Shop’ widget section featuring your favorite products. This can be directly on your homepage and to your menu bar with dropdowns to specific shop pages like Gift Ideas or Recent Finds (available for Advanced Members only)
  • Add a ‘Shop the Post’ widget for blog posts on your homepage. (Available for Advanced Members only)

How to maximize views on your blog post

  • Create content that’s helpful. When writing blog posts, be sure you’re answering a real question or offering tips or advice. This increases your chances of showing up in a Google search. 
  • Expand on what performs. Review your SSC Analytics to see which blog posts get the most views and affiliate link clicks, then create more content based on what’s working.
  • Share your posts! Amplify your content by sharing it on your social media channels and email newsletters. This will help drive followers to your blog. 
  • Link to  other posts on your blog. This is a common SEO (search engine optimization) trick to keep readers from jumping.
  • Give the people what they want. Poll your audience on Instagram Stories and review analytics to inform your strategy. You’ll get more views when you’re posting content that your readers actually like. 
  • Feature a ‘Related Posts’ section. Add it to the bottom of your blog posts to engage your followers in similar content they may enjoy.

how to earn more on your blog post

  • Again – helpful. content. Reviews, comparison, tutorials and more will help drive organic search traffic from readers who are primed for purchase. 
  • Create more links! The more Collective Voice affiliate links you add to your blog post, the more earning opportunities you have. Download our Collective Voice LinkIt app for quick and easy affiliate link creation. 
  • Add links at the beginning of your posts. This will help  capture your readers early on. 
  • Include at least 12 affiliate links and two product widgets (widgets available Advanced Members only) per blog post to maximize earnings. 
  • Use Sold Out Notifications to ensure your widgets are always up-to-date and shoppable, especially in evergreen content (available to Advanced Members only)

how to prep your blog from holiday

  • Start early! Share holiday content far in advance to get ahead of potential inventory and shipping issues
  • Update your homepage to include holiday-related categories, such as ‘Gift Guides’ or ‘Holiday Dressing’
  • Add a holiday-related tab to your navigation 
  • Create a holiday destination on your blog 
  • Refresh and re-circulate successful holiday content from past years
  • Update pop-up modules to include exclusive, timely content