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Embrace All Things “Matching” with Infinite Scroll and 4 Other Content Ideas

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Some trends come and go, but one trend that seems to be sticking around, season after season, is matching. From Barbie and Ken in their matching roller skating ensembles to the continued popularity of matching sets, there are countless ways to get in on this growing fad. 

In honor of Collective Voice’s latest TapTo.Shop update, where you can now match your TapTo.Shop Collections to your Instagram grid using Infinite Scroll, here are five ideas to integrate “matching” into your upcoming content.

1. Match Your Instagram Grid To Your Link-in-Bio Tool, TapTo.Shop

Want to make your Instagram grid seamlessly shoppable, and give your followers seemingly infinite purchasing possibilities? Our comprehensive, link-in-bio tool, TapTo.Shop offers the ultimate solution.

With TapTo.Shop, quickly create a customizable shop filled with commissionable links, which you can add to at any time, on any device. Share your unique TapTo.Shop URL to promote your content, inspire your followers to shop, and earn through any channel. It’s that easy!

The best part—we’ve rolled out a lot of exciting new updates to make sure TapTo.Shop meets the needs of Collective Voice content Creators, including an Infinite Scroll layout. This layout allows you to match a Collection of Looks on TapTo.Shop to an Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok Grid. It’s the easiest way for your followers to shop your Looks when they continuously scroll on TapTo.Shop, the same way they would scroll your social media feeds.

Simply select the “Infinite Scroll” layout when you’re creating content on TapTo.Shop and hit save. Make sure to share your unique TapTo.Shop URL with followers and let them know your shoppable Looks are all in one place. Now, watch your followers turn into shoppers! 

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2. Head-To-Toe Monochrome Outfit Ideas

Matching your clothes has never been easier with head-to-toe, monochromatic dressing. Show your followers how monochromatic outfits are the easiest “hack” for efficiently putting together outfits that are chic and fashion-forward. 

To amp it up a notch, provide your followers with links to products in the same color that they can mix and match for multiple monochromatic looks!

3. How To: Match Patterns, Colors, and Accents In Your Home Decor

Help your followers liven up their home decor with matching elements that create a cohesive look.

Show them how to use matching patterns to create symmetry by using throw pillows that are the same pattern as your wallpaper. Or, provide tips for how to mix different patterns in the same color palette for the perfect blend of monochrome and variety. 

Give your followers some ideas for which pieces in your home to color match (like matching your floors to your tablecloth), and which items can help you bring in a pop of color.

4. Outfit Ideas: Go Full Cher Horowitz With a Matching Set

Matching sets have taken over the fashion world this year, and for good reason. They make for easy, stress-free outfits that are interesting, fun, and aesthetically captivating. 

Show your followers how to get in on this trend with your favorite matching sets, from Clueless-inspired plaid skirt and jacket sets to matching sweater sets and more.

The great thing about this trend? It transcends seasons! From short sets in the summer to cozy loungewear in the winter, there’s a matching set out there for all your followers’ needs.

5. Follower Challenge: Match Your Makeup to Your Favorite Seasonal Theme

TikTok beauty gurus love creating makeup looks inspired by seasonal themes—like “tomato girl,” “blueberry milk nails,” and “pumpkin spice makeup.” 

So why not create your own viral makeup trend? 

Pick a theme (like “autumn moody makeup”), match your makeup to the theme, and challenge your followers to create their own version of the look! Or pick a general category, like “fall drinks,” ask your followers for their favorite choice from that category (like “hot apple cider”), and show them how to create makeup looks based on their answers.

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