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Achieve Algorithm Freedom with Instagram Coach, Lissette Calveiro

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Going viral on social media requires paying special attention to the platforms’ algorithms and the newest, most innovative social media strategies. Yet, producing content only to feed the algorithm can often lead Creators to lose sight of the types of content that truly resonate with themselves and their audience.

To help you spend less time deciphering the algorithm and more time producing content that connects and inspires, we turned to Lissette Calveiro—entrepreneur, influencer coach, and CEO of Influence with Impact— for some best practices, tips, and tricks.

Understanding platforms’ algorithms is so important for social media strategy. But when can getting too caught up in the algorithms take Creators further away from their goals? 

When you’re chasing an algorithm that you can’t control, it will inevitably burn you out and start to make you resentful of your work. 

The moments where the algorithm isn’t in your favor, because it’s simply an imperfect machine, you start to doubt your work and judge yourself instead of letting go of those things you can’t control. 

And we have to remember that the algorithm is machine-learning based, so it’s evolving and changing every day as it “learns” more about how people use social media. So what you think you might know today won’t even apply tomorrow. 

How can focusing less on the algorithm actually help Creators produce better, more successful content?

It helps you focus on the intention behind your content. Ask yourself before posting—what is the purpose of this post? What might someone get from this? 

I think you reach virality when you’re passionate about something. But if you’re simply trying to make content with the purpose of going viral, you will start to lose yourself in that and start to lose the authenticity that makes the most successful content. 

If you’re passionate about what you’re making and how you’re connecting with your community through different topics, you can make content from a place of joy instead of burnout. You will create more consistently, you will show up more frequently, and you will actually have the chance at virality because people will care about your content.

What should Creators focus on instead of the algorithm? 

Keeping your community connected with you! 

You’re as strong as your community is—how much they trust you, engage with your work, recommend you to others, support your business etc.—so I really try to focus on learning about my community, speaking to them, and serving them in ways that make them feel seen and heard. 

Thinking about the people on the other side of the screen allows you to build that bridge of connection between you and your community. And perhaps every now and then you’re posting something that you’re purely proud of and brings you joy—tell your community that, and they’d surely be happy to celebrate with you.

It also makes being on social media a little less lonely when you have a community of people cheering you on and talking to you daily.

What can Creators do to better understand their community and audiences’ needs? 

Definitely get comfortable using each platforms’ tools to help you understand the content that your existing community is enjoying the most, and instead of worrying too much about how to replicate those results, begin to ask yourself why. 

Why might they be so interested in that? What about this serves them or makes them feel seen? That is what you want to create more of. 

I also love surveying my community every now and then using simple tools like the Poll or Q&A Sticker inside Instagram, for example. You can ask questions about your community, their lifestyles, what they enjoy, what they’re looking for, what their relationship with your platform looks like, etc.

What are a few specific ways Creators can find their inspiration, and figure out what type of content they should be creating? 

I believe that it starts with tapping into your story. Often, we want to become Content Creators because there’s a topic or theme that really excites us. 

Start there, but then ask yourself why is this so exciting to me? What is my connection or story to these themes? For example: if you like showing people colorful outfits every day, what about color and dressing so boldly is important to you? What role does it play in your life? Tapping into those deeper links between your story and the type of content you want to be making will help make everything you’re doing that much more intentional. 

The best way to tap into creativity is to experiment with “creating” in new ways—whether that’s online or offline. For example, I really love music, and while my platform isn’t about music, simply playing the piano or singing can help get my creative juices flowing, so that when I create social media content, I feel that much more inspired. 

How has focusing on content that speaks to you personally changed your approach to social media? 

I stay afloat of what’s going in the industry, new features, prominent topics, etc., but I ask myself “why” that might be trending or happening at this moment. Why, for example, would Instagram introduce this new feature? What consumer needs are they trying to fill? And I focus on spending time behind the “why” things are happening and apply only what’s relevant or aligned to me. 

But I can’t control the numbers and I can’t control what’s trending, so I don’t spend too much time on those things. And it’s been incredibly freeing to not let my content and experience on social media be dictated by trends or numbers. 

At the end of the day, I’m just looking to show up as authentically as possible and as consistently as possible for my own schedule and capacity. Social media changes so much every day that today’s strategy might not be relevant in a week.