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7 Creator Podcasts That Will Supercharge Your Career

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Ready to get inspired during your next long drive or solo hike? There are countless illuminating podcasts, but these seven are our top sources for the most current conversations in social media and Creator Marketing. 

So sit back, relax, and listen-up for insights that will help you take your career to the next level.

1. For the A-Z on being a Creator: The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

If you’re looking for a podcast that deeply explores all your needs and challenges as a Creator, look no further. Julie Solomon is a business coach and the best-selling author of “Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable.” Her podcast, aptly named “The Influencer Podcast,” provides concrete advice on everything from setting rates to growing on social media.

Along with her industry-leading guests, Solomon dives deeper into what it means to be a Creator and an entrepreneur. She inspires guests to discover their motivation, embrace imperfection, and reframe their mindset for growth and success. According to one reviewer, “this podcast has already given me so many gems to elevate my social media presence…This multidimensional advisory podcast is your 1-stop shop for business, branding, [and] social media influence.”

2. For learning how to get paid: “The Creator Project Podcast” with Jade Beason

Jade Beason, a Creator coach and digital marketing expert, has one very clear mission: “helping Creators get paid!” Naturally, “The Creator Project Podcast” covers money-making subjects like setting rates as a Creator and selling merchandise. From Beason’s episodes, you’ll get actionable ideas for how to scale your influence and revenue to make content creation your full-time career.

She speaks to other Creators and business leaders on topics like equality in the Creator economy and “dealing with hate” on social media. If you’re wondering how to make money as a content Creator, add this podcast to your listening queue!

3. For an honest, real take on building a business: The Goal Digger Podcast

Hosted by Jenna Kutcher, author of “How Are You, Really?,” the “Goal Digger” podcast is a go-to source for tactical social media tips and digital marketing best practices. And importantly, if you’re looking for some real talk on Creator life, Kutcher isn’t afraid to get into the challenges and complexities of building a business as a Creator. Her episodes on topics like mental health and work-life balance would make any Creator or entrepreneur feel seen. 

While this podcast satisfies almost any Creator topic that’s been on your mind, it’s especially helpful if you’re still figuring out your own personal and professional goals. One listener noted, “I love that Jenna frequently brings her audience behind the scenes on the good and the messy. She shares advice, personal experiences, and inspiration with her audience in a way that feels relatable, achievable, and more like a bestie than a guru.”

4. For YouTubers who want the inside scoop: The Colin & Samir Show

Whether you’re trying to break into the world of YouTube or become the platform’s next big star, this well-produced podcast is for you. The Colin & Samir Show provides a true insider’s take on the platform.

You’ll get to hear from your favorite YouTubers like The Try Guys and Mr. Beast, and get the latest YouTube news. Not every Creator is willing to give away their secret sauce, but from this podcast, you’ll get to hear YouTubers’ unfiltered thoughts on the best growth strategies, going viral, and getting brand deals.

5. For a digital marketing 101: Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

A podcast by online marketing expert and New York Times best-selling author Amy Porterfield, “Online Marketing Made Easy” breaks down big marketing concepts into digestible strategies and easy-to-follow step-by-step guides. In addition to covering topics like the biggest marketing trends to watch, Porterfield addresses inclusivity, pay, team-building, and profitability to help her audience implement solid, scalable business practices. 

Whether you’re a marketing newbie or seasoned professional, this podcast will be your dependable source for the latest marketing industry news. You’ll learn the fundamentals of content and marketing, like how to get started with affiliate marketing. If you’re not convinced, this one reviewer said, “I love how simply she delivers strategic, actionable steps for business growth that seems at first overwhelming but then she beautifully breaks it down, tells a relatable story, gives support & guidance in such a personal way.”

6. For refining your content strategy: Creator Club Podcast with Katie Steckly

Katie Steckly is a YouTuber and founder of the marketing agency, Creatorly media. Beneficial at every business stage, the “Creator Club Podcast with Katie Steckly” can teach you strategies for effective content creation. Steckly’s straightforward how-to’s and detailed guides cover a wide range of topics, from gaining your first 1,000 followers on Instagram to best practices for evaluating brand deals. 

If you’re revamping your content strategy or trying to find your voice as a Creator, Steckly’s episodes on building a community and a strong personal brand are great places to start. “My favorite thing about the Creator Club podcast is Katie’s transparency,” says one listener. “You really get the sense that she is sharing, in real time, EXACTLY what she’s doing and seeing working (and not working).”

7. For the latest social media news: Social Media Decoded with Michelle Thames

Need to know about that new Lemon8 app or the role of AI in social media? Social media nerds, this one’s for you! If you’re hankering for social media news, and how industry trends affect your business, you should bookmark “Social Media Decoded.”

By Michelle Thames, a marketing and monetization strategist, this podcast provides digestible episodes on the latest and greatest in social media. Thames brings on expert guests for longer deep-dives into subjects like monetizing digital products and growing an audience using livestreams.

Feeling inspired yet? Because we are! In fact, we’ve already added these podcasts to our listening queue.

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