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We got a new name!

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To our partners,

Today, we are excited to announce the next stage in our evolution as your go-to creator marketing partner. Allow us to reintroduce ourselves…Hello! We’re Collective Voice (formerly ShopStyle Collective).

For 15 years, we’ve been at the forefront of the industry, and over time we’ve watched the landscape evolve and mature. Creators have taken center stage as a powerful medium for brands who want to be heard. Their voices inspire and influence audiences beyond style and shopping. Brands are calling on creators to promote everything from cookware to streetwear to healthcare. That’s why it felt right to update our name, to best represent the company we have become and the ever-expanding, diverse creators and marketers we support. We’ve evolved, and so have the people we serve.

A new name is just the beginning. We’re still dedicated to empowering you to make the most of creator marketing. That means easy-to-use tools for content and tracking, vast campaign capabilities, holistic strategies, insights you can act on – the list goes on. As we continue to drive the industry forward, we’ll be delivering more tools (ahem, TapTo.Shop), data, campaigns, collaborations, and support. Everything we’ve done and will continue to do is grounded in transparency and respect. Because you deserve all of it.

Thank you for being a partner and here’s to the next stage of our (Collective) growth!

Lindsay Jerutis

General Manager, Collective Voice