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Trick or Trend: Halloween Home Decor To Cast a Spell On Your Followers

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Spooky season is upon us! Whether you love to post monster makeup tutorials, hair-raising party recipes, or ideas for spooking-out your house, Halloween provokes some of the most exciting, creative content.

To celebrate, we’ve conjured up a spellbinding content guide, using first party data, to bewitch your audience with the latest and greatest Halloween home decor trends.

From embracing goth vibes to getting into the haunted house spirit, this year’s Halloween home decor trends are moody and enchanting. Below are six home decor trends to help you brew up engaging content and earn those coveted affiliate commissions.

Halloween home decor trends 2023 moodboard

1. Macabre Minimalism

Combining eerie elegance with a pared-down aesthetic, Macabre Minimalism is a chic way to incorporate Halloween elements into your decor without the added clutter. For example—a flock of bat silhouettes cascading down a white paneled wall gives a subtle spookiness that’s stylish and cool.

Content ideas:

  • DIY wall decals: If you’re a DIY aficionado, do a tutorial instructing your audience on how to use wall-friendly decals to easily add spooky elements to their decor without ruining their paint job. Tell them which decals to buy, how to properly apply them, and how to make them look chic and minimal. Show your audience how they can get their families involved in this kid-friendly activity for a fun family experience. 
  • Minimalist haunted tablescape how-to: Hosting a Halloween party this year? Show your followers how to add eerie elements to their tablescape for the perfect balance of chic simplicity and Halloween fright.

2. Floating Lights

Get inspired by the enchanted Hogwarts ceiling, and give your house an ethereal glow. These enchanting, suspended light fixtures add an otherworldly ambiance to any space.

Content ideas:

  • DIY floating light installation tutorial: Since us muggles can’t use magic to enchant candles to float, show your audience how you’d create a floating light installation in your house IRL. Recommend specific lights and candles to achieve the look, and other decor items you may add to that space—like mirrors or tea candles—to enhance the overall effect.
  • Nighttime light garden how-to: Show your audience how to create a yard display that’ll light up their whole block and transport their neighbors to Salem. Create a tutorial for how you can string up lights on a tree or on your porch to create a floating light garden that’ll haunt the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

3. Natural Gothic Elements

Take inspiration from Wednesday Addams and incorporate Gothic elements with a natural twist into your Halloween decor for a stylishly gloomy look. Think dark florals, earthy textures, and ornate wall art.

Content ideas:

  • A Gothic gallery wall: Show your followers how to easily create a gallery wall complete with Gothic frames and moody imagery. Give them a step-by-step tutorial, and provide ideas for where to find frames and imagery
  • 5-Step Gothic space transformation: Create a before and after, showcasing how you transformed your space into a Gothic haven for Halloween in only a few short steps. You can show your followers how a few key items or changes made all the difference, and got your home Halloween-ready. 
  • Gothic shopping wishlist: Share your wishlist of Gothic decor products  with your followers. Tell them why each one is compelling to you, or how you’d want to incorporate each product into your seasonal decor.


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4. Vintage-Inspired Decor

Vintage decor is making a comeback; as maximalist home decor becomes more popular, vintage decor can transcend the Halloween season and give your home a chic, homey feel all year round.

Content ideas:

  • Secret tips for antiquing: Are you a master at antiquing? Give your followers the secrets to scoping out and scooping up antique and vintage decor for Halloween and beyond. 
  • Halloween thrift store haul: Highlight your local thrift stores, or the best online vintage retailers, through a Halloween thrift store haul. Showcase the vintage pieces you picked up while showing your audience how this is an affordable, sustainable way to make your home feel like the Haunted Mansion. 
  • Restoring vintage furniture short-form video: If you’re a whiz with power tools and a paintbrush, make all of these content ideas into a series, culminating in a video about how you’re restoring and refurbishing your vintage, antique finds in time for your Halloween celebrations. Walk your audience through the whole process, and don’t forget to show them the compelling before-and-afters!

5. The Fireplace Display

Fireplaces are focal points for Halloween 2023 with elaborate displays of eerie decor. Post about this trend by demonstrating how to transform a fireplace into a spooky centerpiece with candles, faux cobwebs, and haunted mantelpiece accessories.

Content ideas:

  • Time-lapse video of setting up a Halloween vignette: Audiences love the detailed Halloween vignettes that dominate Pinterest this time of year. Film a time-lapse video of how you’d set up a vignette on your fireplace, and follow it up with product recommendations (more on that below). 
  • The ultimate Halloween accessories round-up: Create a round-up of the best Halloween decor products that your followers can proudly display on their fireplace mantels. From gothic picture frames to string lights, reusable pumpkins, candelabras, and more, you can recommend products that are festive, spooky, and stylish.

6. Moody Color Palettes

Moody color palettes set the tone for a hauntingly beautiful Halloween. Deep purples, burnt oranges, rich blacks, and velvety reds create a bewitching atmosphere.

Content ideas:

  • Color palette mood board: When it comes to home decor, knowing how to mix colors can be one of the hardest parts of decorating. Give your followers Halloween color palette ideas, paired with inspiration for how they can mix and match these colors using different items to create a moody Halloween vibe. 
  • Downloadable prints and digital art giveaway: Show your audience Halloween-hued prints that they can download and display in their homes to add a pop of color to their decor. Or, if you’re an artist yourself, create your own digital art that’s exclusive to your followers for the Halloween season! You can tease the piece as an exclusive freebie for anyone who signs up for your email list, or do a giveaway for anyone who follows you on your selected social media channel.
  • Spooky recipes and hosting tips: Use your seasonal kitchenware and moody, pumpkin-shaped baking dishes to teach your followers to cook your favorite Halloween recipes. Or, give your audience tips for hosting a chic Halloween dinner party with a mix of cooking tools and serveware in these deep, rich Halloween colors.

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