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The Viral TikTok Products Audiences Can’t Get Enough Of

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From the Laura Mercier Flawless Weightless Perfecting Foundation to the famous Stanley tumbler, it seems there’s a new product each day that’s the must-have item on TikTok. But are shoppers as hyped about these products as videos suggest? In many cases, yes! 

According to our internal data, these are the TikTok-famous products that audiences are loving the most. Capitalize on current trends by reviewing these products yourself or sharing them with your audience!


TikTok users that love a clean, aesthetically pleasing, and functional home, are turning to these products to help them get it!


Makeup and skincare continue to be incredibly popular amongst TikTok audiences, and these products are the ones with the most staying power.


TikTokers know all the hacks for traveling in style and comfort, and shoppers are gravitating towards these items the most.


While TikTokers are split in the debate between skinny jeans vs. baggy jeans, it’s clear that customers agree on these trendy products!

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