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The Fall Report: 7 Home Decor Trends To Guide Your Content Strategy

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As the saturated hues of summer give way to the warm and cozy palette of autumn, social media’s beach barbecue and summer vacation content is transforming into images of pumpkin spice lattes enjoyed by the fire. 

To get ready for this fall 2023 season, we’ve gathered first-party insights into the top home decor trends to inform your shopping guides and product recommendations. From embracing the season’s plush fabrics to harnessing the magic of hygge, here are seven pivotal trends to inspire your fall content.

1. Seasonal Kitchenware

From elegant copper cookware to cottage-core dutch ovens, fall kitchenware adds a cozy touch to your kitchen decor.

Content ideas:

  • Fall recipes: Incorporate these kitchen gems into your content by sharing comforting recipes that highlight their use. Whether it’s baking pumpkin muffins or whipping up a hearty soup, emphasize how the specialized cookware elevates the cooking experience. You can share your recipe steps, highlight the cookware’s features, and weave in affiliate links to inspire your audience to recreate the dish. Show off your seasonal ceramic mugs by giving us a tutorial on how you’re creating your favorite warm fall drink.
  • Fall kitchen tour: Inspire your followers by doing a fall kitchen tour on your stories that invites audience participation and feedback.

2. Fire Pits

The allure of crackling flames and a warm gathering around a fire pit perfectly encapsulates the essence of fall.

Content ideas:

  • Gather around the fire: Capitalize on the desire for outdoor comfort by showcasing how fire pits are the perfect centerpiece for fall gatherings and soirees. Give your audience tips and tricks for entertaining, or show them how to plan a fall party from A-Z.  You can share which decor to buy, which recipes to cook, and how to design the invitations. 
  • Family-friendly at-home camping: Show your followers how to have a family-friendly at-home camping adventure around the fire pit. Station a few tents in the backyard, fill them with sleeping bags and pillows, set up an outdoor movie projector, and make s’mores for a movie snack. Don’t forget to add affiliate links for all of the above!

3. Layered Lighting

With the days growing shorter, layered lighting becomes indispensable for creating inviting interiors. 

Content ideas:

  • Lighting tips for building ambience: Share tips on selecting lighting fixtures that complement fall aesthetics. Guide your audience in crafting autumnal atmospheres by pairing ambient and accent lighting. 
  • How to “light up” different rooms: Show your followers how they can use layered lighting to bring variety and warmth to different rooms in their house through DIY tutorials or home decor updates. 


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4. Preserved Botanicals

Show audiences how to integrate dried flowers, leaves, and branches into their homes for a rustic charm that lasts.

Content ideas:

  • Embrace sustainability: Create content that shows your followers how you’re making a less wasteful choice by using preserved botanicals instead of fresh flowers in your home decor for fall. Create mood boards that demonstrate how preserved botanicals add warmth and depth to home decor, or film a video about the long-lasting benefits of preserved botanicals
  • DIY: Film DIY-style videos illustrating various creative arrangements with preserved botanicals, the arrangements you’re creating for each room of your home, and even how you’re making it into a fun family activity for fall!

5. Curved Furniture

Curved furniture‘s soft lines and pleasant forms evoke a sense of comfort that aligns perfectly with autumn.

Content ideas:

  • Show them what not to do: Unlike the clean, stark lines of the minimalist trends that have dominated for years, curved furniture embraces a new wave of maximalist design that feels eccentric, unique, and just plain fun. Film a video about which trends (like minimalism) you’re so over, and how your followers can finally let their imagination and creativity run wild. 
  • Get the look for less: As celebrities and top home designers embrace curved furniture and maximalism, share with your followers how to get this look for less. Show them examples of this decor in action, and provide links to budget-friendly products that can achieve the same look.

6. Soft Textiles and Rich Fabrics

Fall is synonymous with indulgent textures, making soft textiles and rich fabrics a must-feature trend. 

Content ideas:

  • This small swap can change your whole space: Sometimes, the smallest changes make the biggest impact. Show your audience how adding in a few soft textiles (like flannels) or fall fabrics (like velvet) can instantly transform your space and make it more homey and inviting.
  • The secret to layering: Combining fabrics, colors, and patterns is often the trickiest part of designing a home. So give your audience some secret tips and tricks for layering their living spaces with plush throws, velvet cushions, and chunky knit blankets to elevate their decor game.

7. Moody Neutrals & Bold Earth Tones

The color palette of fall is centered around Mid-Century colors, rich and complex. Utilize autumn to play with Mid-Century colors; think nightshade or olive and bold earth tones like Terracotta.

Content ideas:

  • DIY home painting: Show your followers how they can update a room with a simple coat of paint! Embrace a moody neutral or earth tone, and give them A-Z instructions on how they can tackle this home DIY project themself!
  • A monochrome makeover series: Go big, and create a content series showing your followers how they can completely makeover a room by focusing on a single color! Each piece of content can focus on one big change, from adding wallpaper to getting new furnishings, art, and decor items. Share with your followers how you’re doing it yourself in your home, and bring them along for each part of the journey to get them invested in the final outcome.

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