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Tap Into Your Audience’s Purchasing Power With Cart Insights

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As a creator, truly understanding your audience is your secret weapon. 

Knowing what they love, crave, and buy can elevate your connection with them and help you produce more targeted, engaging content. Plus, it can seriously amplify your affiliate sales. 

Imagine having a tool that gives you a front-row seat to your audience’s preferences and behaviors, letting you craft content that’s always on point.

Enter Cart Insights—a game-changing solution that lets you dive deep into your community and create content customized to their preferences. Getting to know your audience has never been easier.

What Are Cart Insights?

Powered by our proprietary AI technology coupled with our robust catalog data, Collective Voice’s Cart Insights identify the actual products purchased by your audiences that you haven’t directly shared out as affiliate links. Our data sources are able to track your shoppers’ orders from initial click to purchase, specifically highlighting the products frequently purchased by your community that you hadn’t initially linked out. 

What does this mean exactly? This means that with Cart Insights-supported retailers*, when your shopper clicks on your affiliate link, continues their shopping journey with other items in their cart, and then makes a purchase, our system automatically keeps track of those other top purchased items. Our dashboard is then able to highlight these other items.

Previously, you would only be able to check out your top clicked text links, which simply means these were the top products that your audiences clicked on the most, but didn’t necessarily purchase!

Now, Cart Insights data is meant to help you: 

  • Uncover top selling products (beyond your top clicked links)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your audiences
  • Seamlessly boost campaign performance

With Cart Insights, you can make data-driven decisions to maximize your earnings–you’ll know exactly what your audiences are actually buying, especially the top selling products that you haven’t directly shared text links for yet.

How Cart Insights Works

Whether you’re new to the Collective Voice platform or you’re well-versed in creating shoppable content, Cart Insights can help you to hone your content vision, more accurately select products your audience will love, or even decide which categories to highlight more often.

For All Collective Voice Creators

As an affiliate creator, you can access your Cart Insights through your Shopper Highlights Carousel.

Shopper Highlights can be found in your Collective Voice dashboard or app homepage. There, you’ll see a maximum of five retailer place cards—these include your top sales-driving retailers, or a list of the top performing retailers from within the network. From there, you can click into any retailer place card and discover Your Cart Insights (if available for that retailer), as well as the top clicked items from that retailer. 

Here, the Cart Insights data is personalized to your own affiliate links. This means that when your shoppers click on your affiliate link, add other items to their cart, and purchase, our system automatically keeps track of those other top purchased items! This means that your Cart Insights data is all about products you haven’t directly linked to, with at least 2+ purchases made by your shoppers in the last 35 days coming from your affiliate links

Why don’t we show you the items you’ve linked? At Collective Voice, we want to make sure we’re presenting as many new and insightful opportunities to maximize your earnings. By highlighting these popular products that were organically purchased by several shoppers, we’re giving you more content ideas that you may never have thought to promote with your community! The best part: you already know that these products are a hit with your audience.

If you haven’t shared any affiliate links or driven sales and aren’t seeing any Cart Insights, don’t worry—we still got you covered. Check out the Trending Products within the retailers in our Shopper Highlights carousel. Remember, they’re trending for a reason!

For Campaign Creators

If you’re a creator who’s been cast in a Collective Voice campaign, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of your audience’s purchasing habits, both from direct links and other sources.

For the retailers that have Cart Insights data, you’ll get to see all products purchased from your affiliate links during a campaign. You can also see all products purchased over the course of the campaign, which shows you what other products that you didn’t link to that your audience is buying. You may even discover products you never previously thought to share! That way, you can keep these other items in mind as you create your content strategy.

These insights allow you to:

  • Serve Your Audience: Getting a clearer picture of what your shoppers’ order consists of helps you understand how to reach them with even more relevant content, and keep them intrigued
  • Strengthen Retailer Relationships: By consistently hitting campaign goals and sharing AV content even after a campaign ends, you can build stronger working relationships with retailers.
  • Showcase Effectiveness: Use Cart Insights to build proof points around your campaign’s effectiveness, showcasing top categories and products in casting conversations.

The Benefits of Cart Insights

Sometimes, knowing which products will land with your audience can feel like a shot in the dark—some products you thought they’d love fall flat, while some go viral seemingly without explanation.

With Cart Insights, we’re removing some of the guess work in sharing hot products, and focusing on instant content sharing opportunities to capitalize on. 

A few reasons to use Cart Insights include:

1. Tapping into New Verticals

We talk a lot about the importance of honing in on your niche as a creator, and Cart Insights can help you niche down or even find new niches!

Imagine that you frequently share your vacation outfits with your audience, and then you use Cart Insights to find out they’re buying more travel-related products than clothing. You can use that data to create more travel-related content, opening up an entire new vertical for you, or helping you discover a new niche of travel-style.

2. Sharing Added Value Content During a Campaign

“Added value” content refers to content that’s not part of the campaign requirements, but provides the brand partner with additional sales, impressions, or other value during a campaign. And with Cart Insights, you can identify those “added value” opportunities to amplify your brand partner even more.

Imagine that you’ve already smashed your campaign goals. To take it one step further before your campaign period is over, you can check out Cart Insights and notice there are several products that you haven’t directly shared links for yet but your audiences have frequently purchased. 

Knowing that these are some high converting products, share them out to increase your campaign sales and clicks, which makes your campaign performance look even better.

3. Community Building

Lean into what you know about your audience to make them feel seen. You can utilize their purchasing history to promote their favorite products on your platforms, or even ask them about how they use it, or if these are products you should check out yourself. 

This is also a great opportunity to build a rapport with your audience and create two-way conversations. Use these moments to learn more about your community, and engage with them about the things they love to buy and why! 

4. Happier Retailers

Retailers also stand to gain significantly from Cart Insights, leading to more satisfied brand partners. A few retailer-specific benefits include:

  • Real-Time Data: Creators receive real-time data on audience purchases, helping them share relevant products and drive campaign performance.
  • Understanding Trends: Retailers can use these insights to understand top-selling products and categories driven by creators in specific niches.
  • Symbiotic Relationships: Cart Insights fosters stronger relationships between creators and retailers, benefiting everyone involved.

Cart Insights is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to understanding and engaging with your audience on a deeper level. By leveraging these insights, creators can stay relevant, build stronger relationships, and tap into new opportunities, all while fostering a vibrant community. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Cart Insights and let your content shine!

*Disclaimer: Not all retailers support Cart Insights data. We aim to provide as many insights as possible, but this depends on the product data provided by the retailer or affiliate network. As Collective Voice advances our AI technology, we are actively expanding our Cart Insights data across additional retailers.*

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