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Industry Voices: Isis Breanna

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This is our series called “Industry Voices,” where we interview social media experts and Creator marketing insiders to get their take on industry trends, marketing best practices, and actionable insights for crafting smart strategy.

We spoke to Isis Breanna, a Harvard-certified marketing consultant and author of the book, “Skyrocket Your Business with Social Media Branding.” Isis is all about turning “brains into brand,” so keep reading for her tips about how to stay true to yourself and create more authentic content. 

What’s your single biggest source of inspiration? 

Knowing that my content, words, and actions can have a positive or negative impact on someone’s life.

Everyday I strive for them to be positive. It inspires me to know that my little place in this world can make a big change in someone’s mind, business, and life!

Which social platform are you loving right now and why?

Instagram! Instagram is a great place to foster a true community. It’s also one of the few social media platforms that can easily be used as a portfolio, and can showcase your brand in unique ways.

What are the top three tools you can’t live without?

Any project management system! I’ve been using and loving ClickUp for a few years now, and I’ve been obsessing over Later since 2019. I also love a powerful, personalized planner, and I design, create, and print my own planners using Canva.

What does the word “authenticity” mean to you?

It means not performing. 

You’re not showing up differently or altering your values based on who’s watching. You know your vision and mission, and you’re steadily working towards them no matter what obstacles come your way. 

It means understanding who you are and what your brand stands for!

Which 3 Creators do you think are truly killing the game right now?

How do you stay ahead of fast-moving social media trends without losing focus on your current goals and objectives?

The majority of my content is evergreen, meaning it’s not attached to a trend. It’s unique, creative, and customized for my own brand!

Doing this allows me to not get caught up in trends and constantly stay ahead of the curve. If anything, focusing on custom, unique content allows you to create trends.

It inspires me to know that my little place in this world can make a big change in someone’s mind, business, and life!
Isis Breanna

Which brand currently has the smartest social strategy, and why?

There are tons of brands that have smart, creative, and engaging social strategies at the moment, but the first that comes to mind for me is The Honey Pot Company!

They’ve done an excellent job of taking a “taboo” product line and creating storytelling content that engages and persuades their community. Many Creators struggle with adding personality to their product-based businesses, but The Honey Pot Company has mastered it.

What’s your biggest social media/marketing prediction for this year? What trend or upcoming changes should everyone know about and prepare for?

The Creator economy is hungry for creativity. 

People who create innovative forms of content will be the ones who soar. This could be anything from new, unexpected podcast formats to delivering email newsletters in a creative way, like through gamified landing pages.

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