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How to Start Planning Your Holiday Content

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Consumers are predicted to shop even earlier this year – so, to be sure you crush it, we suggest you start planning your content now! Take a look at these 5 easy steps to get ahead of the rush. 

Step 1: Define your goals
  • How many sales you want to reach, links you want to create each day or what value you want to provide to your followers are all examples
  • Hoping to land a campaign in the new year? Write it down! 
  • Reflect on anything that didn’t perform as well as you anticipated and use that as a learning for this year
Step 2: Identify your top performers
  • Check performance from the last 30 days to see what your audience is responding to
  • Visit your analytics from October-December of 2022 to get a feel for what worked in the past
  • Identify past content you can repurpose and share
Step 3: Take note of high commission retailers
Step 4: Take advantage of our tools
Step 5: Start posting!
  • Ramp up your posting cadence
  • Create a holiday destination in your blog or social (add your TapTo.Shop in your link-in-bio, Story highlight)
  • Starting in October, add in holiday content at least once a week