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How To Get Followers on Pinterest: The Basics of Growing Your Audience

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As with most social media outlets, building a strong, engaged follower base is essential to success for Creators. And that includes Pinterest—the social media platform continues to be an important driver for growth and income. However, learning how to get followers on Pinterest takes a slightly different approach than other platforms, like TikTok or Instagram. 

Here are our best tips and tactics for content Creators to gain more Pinterest followers. They include optimizing your Pinterest profile and boards, having a good SEO strategy, creating a posting schedule, and diversifying your pins. Let’s get started.

A woman on her laptop learning how to get followers on Pinterest.

How To Get Followers on Pinterest: Why Your Followers Matter

Before we get into the specifics of how to get followers on Pinterest, let’s tackle one of the most common queries. Why do followers matter on Pinterest? Well, Pinterest boasts 482 million active users per month, boasting incredible potential for Creators to get views and clicks to their content. And without a strong follower base, your content may potentially get lost in a sea of millions of other pins. 

It’s important to mention that having just a solid follower base is not the sole factor in your Pinterest success. However, it does give you a leg up on the competition. Here are a few reasons why your audience size on Pinterest counts: 

  • Increased reach: More eyes on your content is always better. It means more interaction with your Pins and exposure to other Pinterest users. The last point is crucial if you have a brand partnership with affiliate links or saleable content. The wider your potential audience net, the more reach you have.
  • Credibility: If you have a large, authentic following, you can demonstrate how you’re considered an authority in your niche.
  • Higher Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rates: Naturally, more users will engage with your content if you have a large, engaged audience. In turn, you’ll have a higher chance of conversions. So more followers means you can make more money on Pinterest. 
  • Collaborative Opportunities: If you have amassed a considerable following, it opens the doors for collaboration with other Creators and brands. Brands will want to tap into your audience for potential partnership opportunities, and you can add Pinterest content to your menu of services.

How To Get Followers on Pinterest: Your Pinning Plan

Understanding why your followers matter is just part of the puzzle when figuring out how to get followers on Pinterest. Importantly, you should also have a clear strategy for overall Pinterest success. This plan includes optimizing your profile and Pinterest boards, establishing an SEO strategy and diversifying your Pins.

A woman creating a content plan to get more followers on Pinterest.

Step 1: Optimize Your Profile

If you’re wondering how to get followers on Pinterest, learning how to optimize your profile and Pinterest boards is vital. When your content piques a user’s interest, they want to ensure you are legitimate. They may check out your profile to see if you frequently create content that interests them. 

To compel them to click that “follow” button, optimize your profile to give your users a glimpse of what they can expect from you. Here’s what you should include in your profile:

  1. A professional headshot or profile picture 
  2. Your name
  3. A short blurb about yourself or your brand with keywords that relate to your content, interests, and audience 
  4. Any applicable links to drive traffic to your website, affiliate links, or other social media pages 
  5. Your email as a point of contact 

Having an optimized profile also makes discovery easier. By including keywords in your profile name and description, you can boost your potential visibility and searchability.

Step 2: Fine Tune Your Pinterest Boards

Having organized, visually appealing, and optimized Pinterest boards can also help you grow on Pinterest. As you master how to get followers on Pinterest, here’s how to fine tune your boards to maximize engagement and views while gaining new followers. 

  1. Use descriptive and keyword-rich titles and board descriptions: It also doesn’t hurt to add relevant hashtags to maximize your searchability. 
  2. Be very specific: Organize your boards by specific themes or topics within your brand or niche. For example, if you’re a Creator under the fashion umbrella, create boards for individual items such as denim or sweaters. Alternatively, you can organize by topics such as “budget buys,” “splurge picks,” or “#OOTD.”
  3. Add visually stimulating imagery: Pinterest is a visual exploration site, which means your image stands out over your text. While quality content is vital across all social media sites and your brand, a scroll-stopping image is crucial on Pinterest. 
  4. Maintain your boards: Utilize your Pinterest analytics to see which of your pins perform best. Optimize the ones that have the potential to do well. You should also delete posts that are old or no longer relevant to your current content. Checking links regularly is also a good idea to ensure your traffic goes where it should.
A person using SEO on Pinterest to grow their Pinterest following.

Step 3: Establish a Good Pinterest SEO Strategy

A big part of understanding how to get followers on Pinterest is knowing how the platform works. 

While many Creators consider Pinterest another social media platform, strategically, it’s beneficial to think of Pinterest as a search engine similar to Google. Pinterest users frequently log on and search to find something specific. For example, some use the site to search for new dinner recipes, while others seek outfit inspiration. 

Even though there is an algorithm-based “All” tab for content that’s best suited for you, the search feature reigns supreme. Therefore, it’s important to have an understanding of SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO is a strategy that allows you to optimize your content for visibility and search ranking. The ultimate goal of utilizing SEO on Pinterest is for your content to populate near the top of search results. The closer your content appears at the top of the search results, the more likely users interact with it. 

And keyword optimization is at the heart of a good SEO plan. You should incorporate 3-5 relevant keywords into your Pin’s title and caption to ensure your content populates in searches. You should also add keywords to your Pinterest board titles. Essentially, anywhere there is text, it should be rich in keywords. Just be sure to strike a good balance between readability and keyword usage.
Pinterest Trends is a great place to start your keyword research. You’ll gain insight into the top trends for the month on the platform. You can see what other Creators in your niche are posting. You’ll also see what keywords they’re using and if there are any gaps in your own content.

Step 4: Create a Posting Schedule

Creating a posting schedule is also crucial if you want to know how to get followers on Pinterest. There were over 240 billion pins saved on Pinterest in 2022. Pinterest is a platform suited to volume, so you may need to post more frequently than on other social platforms. Especially if social media growth is your ultimate goal. 

You can even use tools like Tailwind or Later to schedule out your Pinterest content ahead of time.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when creating a posting schedule:

  • Frequency: Ideally, if this is your first foray into using the platform, aim to post at least two to three pins daily. Research shows that posting on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are the best days to post on Pinterest
  • Performance: Keep tabs on your content through Pinterest Analytics to gauge performance. You’ll also get an idea if you need to post more or less. 
  • Quality: Creating quality content that resonates with your target audience is also important. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to post less as long as the content you’re pinning is high-quality. 
  • Engagement: As you post your content, be sure to engage with your followers and potential followers. Respond to questions and comments in the comment section under your pins. You can also build community by participating in group boards.
Two influencers filming a video to get followers on Pinterest.

How To Get Followers on Pinterest By Diversifying Your Pins

For a while, Pinterest users could only post Pins with images. Now, there are a plethora of Pin types to utilize if you want to learn how to get followers on Pinterest. The truth is, you should use a mix of all types of Pins when creating content for the platform.

How To Get Followers on Pinterest with Video Pins

As the name suggests, video Pins are Pinterest Pins that contain video content. The platform allows video content with a 4-second minimum and 15-minute maximum time length. Video pins are ideal for bringing your static content to life. If you’re a fashion Creator, use video pins to highlight various ways to wear your favorite clothing item. Or, if you’re a travel Creator, showcase your favorite places to travel in a reel that incites wanderlust in your audience. 

If you’re already creating short-form videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook Reels, or YouTube Shorts, you can cross-post that content to Pinterest!

Your video content should end with a call to action. Encourage your viewers to click on the link for more about the content you are sharing. Or, let your audience know they can purchase items in your video pin through the affiliate link in the captions. Another valuable call to action as you learn how to get followers on Pinterest is asking viewers to share your video.

A person researching idea pins to learn how to get followers on Pinterest.

Using Idea Pins to Gain Followers

Idea Pins are a multi-slide collection of content that tells a story on Pinterest. Think of Idea Pins as an Instagram carousel of images, or an Instagram Story, but for Pinterest content. On Pinterest, you can share up to 20 pages or slides of content. You’re not limited to static images, either. You can mix up your content and include video or text. It’s a great way to share your content in a striking way. 

Additionally, Idea Pins encourage viewers to interact with its content continuously. Use Idea Pins to curate a beautiful, engaging story page by page. For example, you can showcase all the steps of cooking a specific recipe, or you can take your audience through your process of how you’re redecorating a room in your home. 

Like Video Pins, your idea pins should end with a strong call to action. Especially if you’re learning how to grow on Pinterest. Ask your viewers to head to your profile and follow you for more content!

How To Get Followers on Pinterest with Rich Pins

Do you have a website with shoppable content? If so, you should definitely use Rich Pins as you learn how to get followers on Pinterest. Rich Pins are a type of Pin that automatically syncs information from your website with your Pin. For example, product Rich Pins that contain products for sale include pricing, availability, and product information from your site.

Pinterest recommends enabling Rich Pins as they give users a “richer experience” and increase engagement. 
To use Rich Pins, you have to add rich metadata to the products on your site. However, Pinterest goes over these steps in detail to ensure your website and rich pins sync correctly.

A person capturing content learning how to get followers on Pinterest.

Stick to the Basics with Photo Pins

As you navigate how to get followers on Pinterest, you’ll learn that photo Pins are your north star. Don’t underestimate static images on Pinterest. Single-image posts can pack a powerful punch. 

Captivating, eye-catching imagery is key to getting the most out of your photo Pins. Think of a gorgeous landscape, sleek modern home decor, a color-coordinated closet, or delectable desserts. 

You want to choose an image that tells a visual story and ensure it’s optimized for Pinterest’s ideal dimensions. And you can use tools like Canva to create your own unique graphics! Then, pair it with the right caption, title, and a few hashtags. Your photo Pins are still powerful ways to drive engagement and traffic, and gain more followers.

How Many Followers Do You Need on Pinterest to Get Paid?

If you’re wondering how many followers on Pinterest you need to get paid, well, it varies. Firstly, it’s important to note that Pinterest doesn’t pay Creators directly. Pinterest’s latest venture–the Creator Inclusion Fund–doesn’t pay Content Creators outright. Instead, the platform offers Creator education and equipment.  

However, getting paid from your Pins comes down to your audience size, engagement, and income strategy. For example, are your Pins promoting your affiliate marketing links? If so, you’ll want to learn how to get followers on Pinterest, as a larger audience can help you maximize sales. In fact, Pinterest is a strong sales driver; according to one study, 85% of Pinterest users saw a marketing pin and made a purchase. And the greater your follower count, the better your conversion rates could be.

A Pinterest notebook with ideas for how to get followers on Pinterest.

Final Thoughts on How To Get Followers on Pinterest

Gaining insight on how to get followers on Pinterest is crucial to your success on the site. Additionally, the steps to overall social media growth and earnings don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all mold. However, if you optimize your profile and boards, establish your Pinterest SEO strategy, and diversify your pins, you’re well on your way to garnering a following. It might take some time, but your efforts have the potential to yield significant rewards on Pinterest.

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