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How to Build a Content Calendar in 4 Easy Steps

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A content calendar is a crucial organizational tool for creators of all sizes. It helps you plan your posts in advance, manage organic and sponsored content, and hold yourself accountable to your schedule. Here’s how to make (and stick to!) the best content calendar for you.

1. Goal Set

Before diving into the calendar, take a step back and think about what you want to achieve as a creator. Is the goal to boost your engagement? Score your first campaign? Write down 3 short-term goals and 3 long-term goals, then keep them in mind when you start creating your calendar.

2. Start with What You Know

Begin filling in your calendar with the basics (Pro Tip: Use a different color for each type of content):

  • Content you regularly post 
  • Major sale events 
  • Planned vacations or trips
  • Paid or sponsored content

3. Next, Add What Worked in the Past

It’s time to dive deeper! Visit your Analytics and look at performance from this month last year. What products, brands, and categories did you get the most clicks and sales for? 

For example, if you saw high clicks for swimwear, beach bags, and sunglasses in June of 2021, you should add content around those categories for this month.

4. Determine a Cadence & Consistency

Now that most of your content is in, it’s time to build a posting schedule. As you share content, pay attention to your engagement and analytics to gauge if you’re posting at the right cadence. 

Every creator is different, so use this time to determine if your followers like the frequency and number of posts. Your content calendar is a work in progress, and can always be tweaked or changed based on what’s working. Good luck!