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Fresh New Features Just Dropped on LinkIt!

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Making link creation easy is our bread and butter. We’re here to help you grow as a creator, and LinkIt is THE creator-favorite tool to accelerate your growth.

What is LinkIt again?

Not familiar with LinkIt? Or maybe you just need a quick refresher? Look no further! 

Simply put, LinkIt is Collective Voice’s affiliate link creation tool. On desktop, once it’s added as an extension in your Chrome browser, you can easily create affiliate links while browsing any supported retailer page.

As a Creator, one of the easiest ways for you to earn commission is by “linking” – copying an affiliate link, and quickly sharing these links out to any platform where your audiences are, along with your content.

Why our Creators love LinkIt?

LinkIt is not only a solution to aid your link creation journey, it’s also here to make your creator monetization experience much easier and more efficient. 

  • Easy one time setup: Once you’ve installed the LinkIt Chrome Extension and click the icon, it’ll appear directly in the sidebar of any supported retailer page.
  • Instant time savings: Our LinkIt tool automatically transforms a URL from a supported retailer into an affiliate link, and you can quickly copy & paste that link anywhere. (Literally anywhere!)
  • Endless opportunities for affiliate earnings: Posting? Add a link! Any time you mention a retailer, don’t forget to add an affiliate link to their website. This will increase your chances of earning credit for any sales earned from that link.

How can i use LinkIt?

For the best affiliate link creation experience on desktop, add LinkIt as an extension and pin it to your Chrome browser.

Not only is LinkIt most compatible with Chrome, but the Chrome extension supports the most updated version of the tool – read more about these new enhancements below!

If you’re not currently using Chrome, the LinkIt bookmarklet is still available for other browsers, but will not support any updated features.

Shiny & New Features

Check out these THREE new features we’re excited to share, exclusively on Chrome Extension for desktop

  1. Simply edit product information. Update product details (like brand name & price) during the link creation process. This ensures that your audiences are getting the most accurate, updated information when they click your links.
  2. Quickly identify active TapTo.Shop Lists. Check out the Lists that are public on your TapTo.Shop so you know which ones to add items to. Not sure what TapTo.Shop is? It’s our link-in-bio solution – read more about it here.

3. Create product pages. On the (rare) occasion when LinkIt doesn’t recognize that you’re on a supported retailer homepage, you have the flexibility to instantly troubleshoot and add product details before sharing out these affiliate links.

More info here in our Learning Center!

Install LinkIt Chrome Extension

Want to learn more about the benefits of LinkIt? Check out our Learning Center articles here! Or get started on the path to unstoppable affiliate earnings by clicking below.