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Your Ultimate Guide to Cyber

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You’ve been training all year for this! Cash in major earnings with the ultimate Creators’ kit for Cyber Week. Find key dates like shipping deadlines, earning tips, all-time bestsellers and more for the busiest time of the year.

Key Dates to Remember
Must-Know Shipping Deadlines
Our Expert Advice
  • Make sure your backups have backups. Nothing sells out faster than during good ole Cyber Week. Have a list of your top products you want to share at various different retailers so you can quickly pivot when you see that dreaded ‘out of stock’ notification. 
  • Maximize your earnings by sharing high commission products. Before sharing a product, ensure you are sharing it at the highest possible commission by typing in the product on the Product Catalog Page under the ‘Discover’ drop down. You can also refer to each retailer’s Special Terms’ pages available on the Discover Retailers Page for a breakdown of their individual rates. Plus, check out all of our high commission retailers.
  • Share the most-up to date info. Bookmark our Sales of The Week Page for the current sales happening plus visit the Trending Products Carousel to view the highest converting products of the moment.
  • Repurpose your old content. No need to reinvent the wheel! Spruce up your Cyber content from last year and replace anything that has sold out since then with similar on-sale finds.
  • Don’t stop linking! While we see link creation drop post-Cyber, sales between this period remain high. Don’t miss out on earnings during this holiday season! Shoppers aren’t slowing down, so neither should you! Try shifting your content to gifting or New Year’s if you’re sensing some Cyber-induced fatigue from your audience.
  • Lean on us. Bookmark this page as we’ll be regularly updating it with the latest must-know info. PSST, push notifications = ON.
The Superstars of Cyber

Recognize these? We think they’ll be a hit this Cyber Week! Make these soon-to-sell-out finds the stars of your content this year.

How to Earn More With Our Tools

Install LinkIt Chrome Extension

It’s our browser extension that allows you to link directly from any supported retailer’s website on desktop! With LinkIt installed, simply copy & share affiliate links, or add products to your Lists.

Create Lists

They’re the easiest way to save products all in one place. Lists can be created when you favorite items on our dashboard or through LinkIt.

Convert your Lists into Widgets

Want to share these wishlists or gift guides with your audience? Go to any of your pre-made Lists, then click “Convert to Widget”! Just like that, your Widget is built & ready to share (anywhere)!

Turn all your Tools into Shoppable Content

It’s not just Widgets you can share. Once you’ve created any of our Tools, make them shoppable by grabbing the generated URL to quickly promote your finds with followers. Read more about it here.

Create a TapTo.Shop

Need one dedicated space to include all that shoppable content? Add your pre-made Tools as TapTo.Shop sections, then share your TapTo.Shop URL. Or add it as your link-in-bio!


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