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Creator Voices: Uptown With Elly Brown

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This is our series called “Creator Voices,” where we interview Creators to learn more about how they’ve grown, their approach to content, and the fun, helpful tips they’ve picked up along the way.

We spoke to Elly Brown, a Houston-based Creator specializing in curated style guides, inspiring “GRWM” videos, and thoughtful fashion and beauty hacks.

What’s your best piece of advice for Creators who are just getting started?

Know your why. Why are you doing what you’re doing? And once you know it, don’t stray from it! 

What’s one challenging aspect of being a Creator that you wish more people talked about?

The toll social media takes on you. Being “on” and consistently producing content can really quickly lead to burnout. 

Do you ever get into creative ruts? If so, how do you get yourself out of them? 

Oh yes, more than I would like to. I manage it by taking breaks, logging off on the weekends, and spending time with family. Having boundaries, too, can help. When you work in social media, it never stops, so your work-life balance can go out the window quickly. Protect that boundary at all costs! 

What’s your secret to setting boundaries between your “online life” and your “real,”  personal life? 

Having friends who are not in the Creator world. They keep me grounded!  

Which social platform are you most into right now and why?

TikTok, it’s so fun, and the content I see is SO different than anywhere else. I also love Pinterest for inspiration.  

What are the top tools you use all the time as a Creator? 

I couldn’t live without Trello for my editorial calendar, Videoleap to edit my videos, and Dropbox to store everything. 

What is your biggest source of inspiration? 

Pinterest! I can sit there for hours looking at editorial photography and street-style outfits. 

What’s your favorite topic to post about and why? 

I love sharing fashion tips and helping women elevate their outfits with simple adjustments. It excites me when they feel more confident and beautiful in their OOTDs. 

What’s your favorite campaign to date and why?

I’ve had so many I love. I remember taking every campaign that came my way when I first started; as I grew, I have done my best to stay true to the brands I love and who I work with. 

Most recently, it would be designing my very own necklace stack with Taudrey. 

What does your dream collaboration look like? What kind of content would you create?

Well, I love shoes, and you know what brand I have too many shoes from? Stuart Weitzman! I would LOVE to work with them one day. That would be a “pinch me” moment for sure. 

What’s the one thing you own that you’ll never get rid of? 

My Oura Ring. I’ve been obsessed with it lately. I LOVE the analytics and tracking my health and sleep in the app.

Learn more about Elly Brown by following @uptownwithellybrown.