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Creator Voices: Rebecca Wattenschaidt

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Welcome to “Creator Voices,” a series where we interview Creators to learn more about how they’ve grown, their approach to content, and the fun, helpful tips they’ve picked up along the way.

In this interview, we spoke to Rebecca Wattenschaidt, a fashion Creator and personal stylist who advocates for self love with style tips designed for every body type.

What’s your best piece of advice for Creators who are just getting started? 

Get a game plan. Know what you want to share and what kind of audience you want to reach. 

Consistency is also important. I try to post around the same time every day, with less frequent posts on the weekends. It doesn’t need to be down to the minute, but a general schedule is great.

What’s your favorite topic to post about and why? 

It has always been fashion for me! I love being able to take wardrobe staples and current trends and make them my own. I also love being able to share this with others and encourage confidence! 

Nothing is more rewarding then when someone messages me to tell me they’re wearing new things and feel more confident because of me.

What’s your favorite campaign to date and why? 

I have two! Working with Warners Bras was my first long-term partnership—it was a year-long campaign and truly a great partnership. I love the brand and the bras (wearing one as I type this)! 

My partnership with Disney last year was a dream come true. My family and I were a part of the inaugural cruise of their newest ship, The Wish. It was so surreal to realize that was my job!

What’s one thing every Creator needs to know or have before securing their first brand partnership?

You’re worth more than you think! No matter what you think you should charge for a project, I guarantee you’re worth more. 

I will be the first to admit that I would severely undervalue myself if it weren’t for my managers. Know your worth, your time, and energy. Creativity is worth payment!

Know your worth, your time, and energy. Creativity is worth payment!
Rebecca Wattenschaidt

What’s the one product your followers see you talk about the most?

As of late, it’s my Free People Hot Shot Onesie (so worth it!) or anything from Rare Beauty—everything is so good!

Which social platform are you loving right now and why?

For sharing, Instagram—it’s easy, it reaches most of my audience, and I feel like I’m somewhat established there.

For just personal consumption, it’s TikTok. I’ll watch anything with dogs over and over. I’m also addicted to the chiropractor TikToks—so weird but all of the cracking sounds are so satisfying! 

My best friend and I love this gal named Lisa Lou. She is so fabulous, loves herself, and is just a genuine bright spot. We’re always sending each other her TikToks with a “Lisa got a haircut” or “she’s going on holiday soon!”

What are the top three tools that you can’t live without as a Creator?

  • I do all of my photo editing in Lightroom. It took some trial and error but I finally have the hang of it! 
  • InShot is what I use to edit my videos. I absolutely love it and it’s so user friendly. 
  • Artful Agenda is a digital planner. It truly looks like an actual planner, and you can customize it to your own style. There’s an app and a desktop version, you can sync it to your personal calendar as well, and it’s easy to use! I use it for all of my content ideas, daily to-dos, and collaborations.

Describe your dream collaboration.

My dream collaboration is my own clothing line or a collection with a brand. I’d love to be a part of the design process from start to finish with a brand. As for brands I want to work with—Anthropologie, Madewell, Rare Beauty, Sephora, are all on my list.

What’s the hardest thing about being a Creator that no one talks about?

Finding balance, hands down! There’s no timecard to clock in and out, and I do just about everything on my phone, so the opportunity to work and share is literally always there. Disconnecting is hard.

Do you ever suffer from creative burnout? If so, how do you manage it?

 100%. I used to put so much pressure on myself to post every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. I was in a mindset of quantity over quality. 

Now, if I’m in a creative rut I just don’t post—I don’t force myself. If I don’t post a Reel for a day or two, that’s ok! It gives my mind a chance to reset. Quality over quantity!

What’s your secret to setting boundaries between your “online” life and your “offline” life?

As far as time management, I have none. I’m not the best at those kinds of boundaries. 

As far as what to share about my life and my family, I’ve gotten more picky over the years. I don’t share my girls as much as I used to. I will also never share specifics as far as schools, sport/team names, etc. I also generally don’t share things that we’re doing until after we’ve left.

What’s your current restaurant/bar/hotspot that you keep going back to?

When in New York City, E.A.K. Ramen is our go-to along with Mom’s Kitchen & Bar—they have the best milkshakes!

What’s the one thing you own that you’ll never get rid of?

My wedding shoes! I’ll most likely never wear them again, but they just mean so much to me that I can’t part ways with them.

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