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Creator Voices: Chelsea Henriquez

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This is a series called “Creator Voices,” where we interview Creators to learn more about how they’ve grown, their approach to content, and the fun, helpful tips they’ve picked up along the way.

We spoke to Chelsea Henriquez, a New York City-based Content Creator whose creative Instagram Reels ideas, posing tips, colorful outfits, and stunning editorial photography never fail to inspire.  

What’s your best piece of advice for Creators who are just getting started?

These days, it pays to find your niche. Finding your tribe has never been easier, but you have to stay consistent and continue finding new creative ways to talk about whatever that niche is.

What’s one challenging aspect of being a Creator that you wish more people talked about?

All the personal sacrifices that come with sharing your life online. I can’t think of a single trip I’ve taken since pursuing content creation where I haven’t worked or created at some point. You never turn it off and after years of doing this, it takes a toll. 

Not to mention how lonely the day to day can feel. We generally don’t have offices to commute to or coworkers to work by our side, it’s just us 24/7.

What’s your secret to setting boundaries between your “online life” and your “real,” personal life?

I’m trying this new thing where I don’t post on Sundays unless absolutely necessary to give myself a full day of rest. Just like everything else, our brains need to power off from time to time, and after years of being online all the time, I feel like mine is begging for it.

Which social platform are you most into right now and why?

TikTok and Pinterest are a tie. TikTok’s algorithm is just superior IMO, and the content feels fresh and fun. Pinterest is where I escape to dream, get inspired, and build fictional homes for a future me. 

What are the top tools you use all the time as a Creator? 

InShot video editing app, my Sony A7IV, and my portable tripod.

What is your biggest source of inspiration? 

Online, probably Pinterest. Offline, my city. NYC never ceases to amaze me, and the minute I step outside I’m bombarded with inspiration all around me.

What’s your favorite topic to post about and why? 

Thrifting and second-hand shopping. It’s the thing that I could talk about forever so it always feels natural to share it with my community.

What are the products your followers see you talk about the most?

Probably the latest book I just read! I’ve been obsessing over the ACOTAR series since starting it this year, and I talk about it on my Instagram Stories at least once a day. In terms of products—I can’t shut up about how bomb the Rare Beauty mascara is.

What’s your favorite campaign to date and why? 

The one that comes to mind now is Bacardi. They always have the most fun activations centered around art and music, and the team is a dream to work with. They grant you complete creative freedom, which is rare for brands these days but much appreciated. The delicious cocktails you’re able to make with their rum is just the cherry on top. 

What’s the one thing you own that you’ll never get rid of?

My oldest camera! It’s a small Sony camcorder from when I was in high school, and she’s still kicking! It gives videos the coolest vintage effect, and I’ve made many great memories with it.

Learn more about Chelsea Henriquez by following @chelseaasoflate.