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Collective Academy: Post Smarter, Not Harder

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There’s still time to earn! It’s important to keep up your content through the new year. Post smarter (not harder!) with these easy to do’s: 

  • Add links to retailer homepages and category pages using LinkIt. Anytime you mention a retailer, add an affiliate link too – this will increase your chances of getting credit (and earning!) for driving them sales.
  • Link to high commission retailers. A high commission rate means more money in your pocket! Bookmark our list of high commission retailers here
  • Drive traffic with SEO. Include relevant keywords and phrases in your blog content to raise your posts higher in search results. Be sure to use descriptive, specific and intentional headers such as “Unique Christmas Gifts for your Husband.”
  • Build content around your average order value (AOV) as a guidepoint, such as ‘Splurge and Save Gifts ’ or ‘Best Affordable Jeans.’
  • Identify high converting retailers and brands, and build single retailer stories around those such as ‘My Alo Yoga Gift Guide.’
  • Post often! Increase content and linking, especially around your highest converting products.
  • Utilize the Holiday Command Center before it’s gone. Take advantage of best-sellers and personalized insights.
  • Repurpose and refresh content. If a post is getting great traction from last holiday season, update and re-share it.