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Arielle Berneman On The Power of Rising Creators

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As we gear up for our Rakuten Optimism panel, “Fueling Virality: Unlocking The Potential Of Rising Creators,” we’re giving you a preview into the world of niche and micro-Creators.

Below, we interviewed panelist Arielle Berneman about her experiences as a wellness Creator. Berneman founded Sweat in SD as a way to spread positivity and share how wellness looks different for everyone. Splitting her time between San Diego and NYC, Arielle embodies a bicoastal lifestyle that reflects her passion for well-being and adventure.

How has the rise of short-form video has impacted the viral potential of niche Creators?

This is a very exciting time for Creators. Long gone are the days of creating long-form video content that takes hours to edit in order to go viral.

Personally, all of my recent viral Reels are under six seconds and don’t require multiple clips. I remind myself all the time that you never know which video will go viral. More times than not, it’s the Reels that take less time to make, the ones that I don’t think will go viral, that actually go viral.

Be bold, don’t be afraid to take more risks with content—you never know which video will go viral.

How has targeting a niche helped you forge an authentic connection with your audience and what is it about your content that resonates so well with them?

Your audience just wants to be able to relate to you and the content you create.

They don’t want to hear about my perfect morning routine. They want to hear about how my morning didn’t go as planned, but I still made time for yourself.

Once I stopped being afraid to show the imperfect side of my life, and instead started showing a more balanced lifestyle, that’s when I started authentically connecting with my audience. We all just want to connect on a real level.

It’s the unique spin that sets my content apart and allows me to stay authentic to my community, which increases engagement and benefits my brand partners.
Arielle Berneman

What strategies have helped you maintain a consistent and authentic brand image as a niche Creator?

Posting consistently and repeating certain messages in different ways is what changed the strategy game for me.

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself! If a message resonates with your audience, repeat that message in different ways.

How have you brought your unique perspective to brand partnerships, and in what ways has that perspective benefitted your partners?

It’s super important to to stay authentic to your community, especially with brand partnerships. I make sure the brand’s message is being received by my audience, while also putting my own unique spin on it. It’s the unique spin that sets my content apart and allows me to stay authentic to my community, which increases engagement and benefits my brand partners.

There is nobody who knows your audience more than you. You have the data to show what works for your audience and what doesn’t.

Can you share a piece of content that went viral and what elements lead to its virality?

I’ve partnered with wellness brands in the past and have had a few Reels go viral in that space. We’re talking short-form content that honestly didn’t take a ton of time to edit.

In the past when editing Reels, I used to concentrate more on the actual video footage and not my actual messaging. Once I shifted to concentrating on relatable hooks, that’s when I started seeing more virality.

Some brands have yet to tap into the potential of niche or micro-Creators because they’re focused on reaching the largest audience possible. Why is this a missed opportunity?

I get it. It’s a numbers game. You want to get as many eyes on your content as possible, but are the eyes on your content actually interested?

With niche Creators, you know a majority of their audience is following with a common interest. It’s about quality over quantity, and I think it’s time for brands to use that to their advantage.

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