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Amazon Prime’s Big Deal Days Guide

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This is not a drill! Amazon is hosting a second Prime event of the year also known as Prime Big Deal Days. It’s a prime-member exclusive event that offers early holiday deals for customers to shop (and for you to share!). 

Scroll (and bookmark) for strategy and content recommendations, all based on Collective insights from past Prime events.

How to Earn More this time

Consider what worked on past Prime Days

Check your analytics from Prime Day 2022 (7/12 – 7/13) and (10/11/22 – 10/12/22) to see what products, categories and brands got the most clicks and sales. Add the top performers to your content strategy for this year.

Download the Linkit Chrome Extension

It’s a browser extension that allows you to link directly from a retailer website on desktop (without leaving the page!) Install it here for fast linking. 


Don’t forget about mobile linking!

Running around on your phone? Download the Collective Voice App to link on-the-go, plus check your performance and update your strategy real-time. Download now. 

Consider categories and top products

Refer to Amazon’s Special Offers page for tiered commission rates on fashion, home, beauty and more.

Take advantage of Lists

As you browse for items to share for the event, save your top picks with Lists – then easily refer back to them when the posting frenzy begins.

Create a TapTo.Shop

Add in a dedicated Amazon Prime Big Deal Days section. Don’t forget to share your TapTo.Shop link on all your platforms for followers to easily shop through.

Bestsellers To Promote
Content Ideas
  • Early holiday finds at Prime’s Big Deal Days
  • The best in fashion on sale
  • The best kitchen essentials for fall hosting
  • Halloween deals you don’t want to miss
  • Winter prep! Boots, jackets and more you need
  • What’s in my cart: Premium beauty edition
  • Home decor on major sale