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Why Always-On Creator Campaigns are Key to Long-Term Success

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An always-on approach maximizes Creator campaigns and long-term objectives by emphasizing continuous collaboration and growth. It transforms short, one-off campaigns into productive, long-term partnerships, unlike the traditional one-off approach which involves occasional campaigns with Creators.

Collective Voice’s always-on approach has enabled brand partners to accomplish a diverse range of high-reaching marketing goals.

The benefits of an always-on approach

An always-on campaign offers several advantages, including:

  1. Building authentic relationships: By maintaining consistent partnerships with Creators, brands can develop more genuine and authentic connections. Over time, Creators can become brand ambassadors, fostering brand loyalty and encouraging them to share organic content beyond contracted partnerships.
  2. Ongoing audience engagement: Continuous collaboration sustains interest and engagement from the audience, leading to increased brand loyalty and familiarity.
  3. Enhanced brand visibility: With Creators consistently featuring and promoting the brand, the brand gains more visibility and exposure over time, resulting in increased reach and brand awareness.
  4. Testing & learning: Always-on campaigns allow brands to test different content types, Creator casting, and paid amplification strategies to learn what resonates with audiences. And those learnings can be continually implemented throughout the campaign to maximize results. 

Collective Voice’s strategic always-on approach

At Collective Voice, we have successfully implemented always-on campaigns for multiple brand partners, leveraging a unique casting strategy and a full-funnel approach to meet and exceed clients’ social media sales objectives. 

The importance of diverse creator casting

Always-on campaigns provide the time and flexibility to activate a wide-ranging set of Creators to foster brand ambassadorships and drive consistency and performance over time. As part of Collective Voice’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), we cast each campaign with Creators from different genders, ethnicities, and religions. 

By bringing in groups of rotating Creators, we can lean into diversity and reach wider, dynamic audiences. This diverse approach ensures the brand’s message resonates with various consumer segments, leading to better campaign results. For one Collective Voice brand partner, activating a diverse set of Creators resulted in a 22% increase in traffic and a 38% increase in Creator affiliate links.

Additionally, we cast Creators in unique, genre-specific segments that align with brands’ different goals, allowing us to produce a consistent flow of quality cross-platform content throughout the year. This multi-pronged casting strategy leads consumers through all stages of the funnel and helps us achieve high-reaching conversion and brand awareness goals. 

The value of personalized content

Personalized content is key when planning an always-on campaign approach. It allows Creators to be their most creative selves during a campaign and empowers them to use their distinct brand voice, delivering honest content. 

By providing Creators with the flexibility to select products that match their individual style and resonate with their audience, Creators have been able to authentically produce a steady stream of high-quality, engaging content on their top-performing platforms with high reach and click-through rates.

This flexible, personalized approach encourages long-term brand advocacy, maximizes opportunities for high-converting content, deepens brand loyalty, and drives engagement and buzz around the brand. One Collective Voice client who prioritized personalized, authentic Creator content saw a +142% increase in clicks, +325% growth in orders, and a +56% increase in conversions year-over-year.

The effectiveness of an on-going paid boosting strategy

To maximize campaign performance, Collective Voice utilizes a paid boosting strategy. By strategically allocating advertising budgets to amplify Creator content, our campaigns have seen increased engagement and clicks among target audiences.

For one brand partner, Collective Voice employed a long-term paid media boosting campaign optimized for clicks, renewing audiences and placements every month based on content types, casted Creators, and changes in interests/competitor sets. Audience segments included lookalike and custom audiences based on engaged shopping behavior. 

This on-going approach allowed for enhanced learnings and optimizations that have proven highly effective in driving campaign reach and impact. Our brand partner experienced a significant increase in engagement and clicks among women of all ages over a six-month campaign, successfully reaching a wider audience of shoppers. The results exceeded all of their objectives:

  • Total impressions: +59% over goal
  • Total clicks: +531% over goal
  • Click-through rate: +210% over goal

Real-time performance monitoring and assessment

Real-time performance monitoring and assessment play a crucial role in maximizing the success of an always-on campaign. By implementing an always-on approach, Collective Voice can consistently collect and analyze data in real time. This process allows us to identify emerging trends, understand shifting audience preferences, and gauge the effectiveness of our campaign strategies. 

With access to real-time data, we can quickly pivot and make necessary adjustments to optimize campaign performance and ensure it aligns with the evolving needs and expectations of the target audience. This proactive, data-driven approach empowers Collective Voice to continually enhance campaign effectiveness and maintain a competitive edge in the Creator Marketing landscape.

The importance of a brand lift study

A brand lift study is a comprehensive analysis that measures the impact and effectiveness of a campaign on key brand metrics, providing valuable insights to inform long-term strategy.

For one Collective Voice client, a brand lift study revealed exceptional results for their always-on campaign. The study demonstrated that the always-on approach helped the brand achieve:

  • 59% increase in consideration levels to purchase among the target audience 
  • 40% of campaign viewers made a purchase, with 20% of them being new shoppers
  • +192% increase in incremental spend levels
  • +200% growth in overall network sales, traffic, and orders

This data indicates that the continuous collaborations and sustained presence of Creators had a substantial influence on driving audience interest and intent to make a purchase. Furthermore, these results highlight the direct impact of the always-on approach on brand conversions and customer acquisition.