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6 Steps To Master Your Holiday 2023 Content

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Our ultimate guide to holiday has everything you need to kick off your holiday content and maximize earnings all season long.

Two words: Start. Now.

1. Get These Key Holiday Dates On Your Calendar

Make your content inclusive by covering all the holidays and celebrations this season, and maximize your earning potential by telling your followers about the best sales and deals!

2. Link To These Best-Sellers For Sure-Fire Sales

Year after year these continue to sell BIG. When in doubt, share ’em out!

3. Create Content Inspired By This Season’s Top Trends

This year, trends like bright colors, cozy cottage vibes, and travel tips will be on everyone’s lips. Show that you’re a trendsetter by posting about these trends before everyone else.

  • Candycore: Embrace the sweetness of the holiday season with home decor, makeup, and outfits inspired by every child’s sugary fantasy world. Using pastel hues, bright patterns, and iridescent materials and makeup, you can show your followers how to make this holiday season especially delicious by incorporating it into their organic modern decor or bright seasonal makeup looks.
  • Host with the Most: This year, audiences are channeling their inner Martha Stewart to become the ultimate holiday host, providing you with ample opportunity to give your followers tips and tutorials for hosting all kinds of seasonal get-togethers. Since shoppers are looking for high quality entertaining staples they can use for years to come, make sure to include those essentials in your gift guides and product recommendations!
  • Mantelscapes: Move over tablescapes—this year is all about the mantel! Show your followers how to make their mantels the centerpiece of their holiday and seasonal decor.
  • Tactical Travel: Whether their destination is a snowy mountaintop or beach resort, audiences are looking forward to their holiday travel adventures. This is a great opportunity to share the hacks, products, and can’t-miss deals that are fueling your seasonal excursions.
  • Grandpa Chic: Remember Coastal Grandma? Well this year, the trend is getting an update with a slight masculine twist: think shawl sweaters, dark woods, brown leather chairs, and vintage books. It’s a fun way to encourage your followers to find that perfect balance between cozy and sophisticated products, decor, and clothes.
  • Cozy Holiday Cottage Core: Essentially the popular “Cottage Core” trend, just made seasonal, this trend will have you transporting your followers to that little cottage featured in “The Holiday.” From knit blanket recommendations to loungewear roundups to muffin baking tutorials, the potential content ideas are endless.

4. Create Unique Gift Guides For All Your Followers’ Interests

Holiday season means gift guides galore! So how can you stand out this year and make a bigger impact with your audience? Tap into your niche to create a series of targeted, curated mini gift guides that speak to your followers’ unique needs and interests.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Elegant Gifts Your Parents Will Love
  • Tasteful Gifts for The Consummate Host
  • Chic Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic
  • Deliciously Gorgeous Gifts for the Impressive Home Cook
  • TikTok-Approved Trendy Gifts for The Makeup Lover
  • Sophisticated Gifts for the Ultimate Fashionista
  • Globetrotting Gifts for the Frequent Traveler
  • Under $50 Gifts That Feel Luxurious
  • Easy, Approachable Gifts For Your Coworkers
  • Simple, Perfect Gifts for Picky Relatives

5. Try One Of These Fresh Content Ideas

Gift guides aren’t the only way to engage with your audience this holiday season! Here are 5 fresh content ideas to get the creative juices flowing and create content that will set you apart from the crowd.

  • Gifts I’m Buying for Myself: Create a wishlist or gift guide of all the gifts you’d get yourself. You might even inspire your followers to send a few links to their loved ones as a not-so-subtle “hint.” 😉
  • 10 Pieces, 10 Holiday Looks: Create a holiday capsule wardrobe for your followers to wear to all their holiday events. From office parties to cozy family dinners, show them how to mix and match for every occasion.
  • Holiday travel essentials: Traveling for the holidays? Give your audience the products and tips to make their holiday travel stress-free. Do you have a great hack for packing presents in luggage? Or have you discovered packing cubes that turn you into a veritable Marie Kondo? Share them!
  • The Ultimate Holiday Party Planning Guide: Create a content series where you show your followers how to plan the perfect holiday party. Start with a central piece of content, and then create blog and/or social media posts all highlighting parts of the planning process, like the recipes to cook, the decor to buy, how to create the perfect tablescape, and more.
  • 5 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season: Are you a wellness guru? Share your best practices for staying calm amongst the holiday chaos. Whether it’s a holiday themed meditation or an easy, 5-minute stretching routine you can do anywhere, help your audience find a sense of peace this holiday season.

6. Don’t Stop Linking!

While we see link creation drop over time, sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas remain high. Don’t miss out on earnings during this holiday season!

Ebbs and flows in your content creation are normal! But continuously linking is one ways to keep up the momentum (and your earnings!) during those slower times.

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