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4 Steps to Planning Holiday

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Given limited inventory and shipping delays, consumers are expected to shop earlier than ever this year. So remember, the early bird gets the sale – start early! 

Follow (and download!) this checklist for all the holiday success.

Step 1: look to the past

  • Check performance from Holiday 2021 to see what worked 
  • Review performance from the last 30 days to see what your audience is currently liking 
  • Note what content had the highest engagement (likes, comments, saves) from past years

step 2: plan your content strategy

  • Add top-performing retailers, brands, and categories to your plan
  • Incorporate your best-selling products from last year
  • Expand on top performers (e.g. If Etsy performed well, make an entire Etsy gift guide)
  • Identify past content you can update and re-share
  • Add in high-converting and high-commission retailers (Advanced Members only)

step 3: start posting!

  • Ramp up your posting cadence
  • Starting in October, add in holiday content at least once a week 
  • Include at least 3 affiliate links per shoppable post
  • Make sure all content is original (made by you)
  • Create a holiday destination on your blog or social (link-in-bio, Story highlight)

step 4: prepare for the rush